The “Together with VIAVI” blog series features some of the many talented, diverse, and often spirited people across the company, bringing their best to you – our customers and partners – every day. Your success is our success and we are delighted to be on this journey with you!

Name: José Carlos Ramírez

Job Title: LATAM Field Marketing Manager

Country: México


How long have you been with VIAVI, and what do you do here?

While looking for new opportunities where I would be challenged I joined VIAVI where I learn from worldwide professionals every day. I joined VIAVI in 2018 and it was a surprise that everything I looked for in a company was 2.5 kilometers away from my home and at the same time a worldwide player in this digital era!

In my current role, I plan and execute all VIAVI Direct activities for the LATAM Region. I work closely with the sales team of each country and review current market trends to develop and build creative activities to enable and drive our business from the lab to the field. My main goal every day is to find a way to build audiences captive by our products and solutions – in the best possible way.

Describe the best part about how your role positively impacts customers and/or partners?

My daily mission is always to merge creativity with technology. Having this position enables me to measure every single activity that we do and track its growth through our customers and partners. Being able to generate campaigns that are effective as well as innovative is very rewarding. More than ever, content must be applicable and its influence on audiences needs to be measured especially how customers react to our products. This data is invaluable for strategic planning. Today’s environment requires that products are no longer only a “must-sell”, but a solution must be included and is essential to mitigate a problem that a customer or partner is experiencing.

What do you think sets VIAVI apart from other global solutions companies?

I think what really sets VIAVI apart is that it is a company formed with worldwide leaders that always have their door open to listen to new ideas, you don´t believe me? Here you can find a video of an activity that started with a “I know you are just going to say no, but what if…” With guidance, creativity and the help of content professionals, an engaging video demonstrating how VIAVI shows up with customers became a reality.

I believe VIAVI colleagues hear each other as professionals and understand that we are all  human. Fifteen years into my career has given me the ability to differentiate how VIAVI helps drive people to reach their full potential, it does not matter what issues arise, there is always a solution for you to build a successful career and excel at what you do by learning from world-class professionals.

You can read more about VIAVI Customer and Partner Champions on the “Together with VIAVI” website.

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