Although 5G is still in its early stage, it isn’t anything esoteric, even if you may not consider yourself a digital-first company. With 5G set to become the impetus of forward-thinking organizations, Singapore is taking the lead with its deployment. The nation’s mobile network operators (MNOs) are currently racing in a bid to become one […]

The prescription for precise SSB configuration As 5G moves from the lab into the field, service provider (SP) deployment teams are learning about the nuances of different 5G NR implementations. Unsurprisingly, all 5G NR implementations are not the same, but getting a solid dose of understanding on beamforming and the impact of profile configuration is […]

The importance of Gartner Magic Quadrant research to assess vendors and their technologies is well known. The Critical Capabilities is a sister document, published in conjunction with the MQ. In the MQ, Gartner synthesizes numerous inputs into two broad groups; “Ability to Execute” and “Completeness of Vision”, and then plotting them on a graph, Gartner […]

Why Signal Leakage, Why Now? Ingress has been the single largest thorn in the side of cable operators since the advent of CATV plants, only to be aggravated by the introduction of two-way services.  Despite decades of innovation, the silver bullet solution to fully address this problem remains elusive. Why Ingress Is Such a Challenge: […]

Day in, day out. You make a difference—connecting families, accelerating commerce, dispatching help—you diligently maintain and improve the networks and services that improve lives. Do you remember how you got here? The journey? All the hard work? We do…  (sneak peek, if you can’t wait to the end of this post). Scrappy Underdog Think back, […]

It’s the tale as old as timestamps: A random user complains of a random performance problem When someone is available to assist the user, the problem is no longer occurring The available data doesn’t provide any real clues Wait a while. Repeat. Why is this story still being told? With all the advancements that have […]

Advancements in LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) system technologies are rapidly paving the road for intuitive self-driving systems. The push for automotive innovation does not come without addressing a unique set of challenges with functionality and safety at the forefront. As a leading manufacturer of high-performance optical filter technology for LiDAR systems, VIAVI Solutions has […]

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