O-RAN is key to enabling optimized and powerful end-to-end solutions for 5G networking. Systems integration is necessary for the deployment of end-to-end 5G solutions that span multi-layers and multi-domains. O-RAN supports 5G network integration, offering a first-class solution that integrates with hardware and radio unit components to operate seamlessly together. With O-RAN, communications service providers […]

One of the more intriguing and beneficial use cases for hyperscale and 5G is the data center itself. More specifically, the IoT and artificial intelligence (AI), backed by the power of hyperscale computing, have become important tools for enabling lights out (unmanned) data center operation. Hyperscale computing demands are ratcheting the pressure on operators to […]

RAN Intelligent Controller Mobile communication is now being revolutionised by two concurrent, dynamic and synergistic phenomena. One is the adoption of 5G technology in networks around the world. The other is the large and growing international effort to commercialise the Open-Radio Access Network (O-RAN) architecture. Compared to its predecessor, the principal attractions of 5G include: […]

New Age of Observability

Part 1: Performance Monitoring  Packets have been the gold standard for monitoring and analysis of network systems for years. In today’s changing landscape, network topologies now have expanded to include cloud-based services that are accessed from remote offices and users, making network analysis tricky. As a Wireshark Instructor and Packet Analyst for over ten years, […]

Reducing Truck Rolls Together - Earth Day 2022

Cable operators are taking many steps to become better stewards of our planet, from distributed access architectures that reduce power/cooling burden in headends to specification and choice of more energy-efficient modems and set-top boxes. VIAVI is helping further their efforts by minimizing the environmental impact that their field workforce creates.   How? One example is by […]

Mobile network operators (MNOs) are known for their ability to build and operate massive, high-performance wireless networks. They rely on highly specialized radio access and networking equipment with tightly integrated proprietary software to deliver the cellular services that connect our cell phones, tablets, computers, and other devices. In a price sensitive market like India, telecommunication […]

Less Carbon in the Cloud - Earth Day 2022

When it comes to impact on the environment, does it matter where our software applications are run? Does all computing processing have an equal impact on the environment?   These are interesting and important questions when it comes to software architecture. What is the impact of designing an application to be run by our customers on […]

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