Repackaging for the Planet - Earth Day 2022

As a responsible supplier, it is paramount that VIAVI continues to scrutinize everything we do and identify areas to make sustainability improvements. It is incumbent on businesses and individuals alike to ensure we mitigate our impact on our planet.  VIAVI is acting every day to try and ensure we are doing right by the Earth. […]

The healthcare industry presents ready-made applications for ultra-reliable, low latency communication (URLLC), artificial intelligence (AI), big data storage, augmented reality, and the internet of things (IoT). Unlike factories and ports, healthcare services are also closely linked to one-to-one human interaction. Creating a connected healthcare ecosystem where technology and personalized care seamlessly coexist is the goal […]

Of the many up-and-coming technologies discussed today, 5G often tops the list. Innovators and technologists are investigating its potential across numerous industries, and one of the most prominent industries to come up is the media and entertainment industry. Depending on its application and end-user, 5G presents itself both as evolutionary and revolutionary to the markets.  […]

Since the discovery of electricity, the electrical power grid has been a critical aspect of people’s lives. As the world ventures into the future, electrical power grids are more critical than ever for any infrastructure. It plays a vital role in the functioning of modern societies. However, a question arises: how can people future-proof the […]

Next generation factory automation and “Industry 4.0” are terms used to describe the impact of 5G, the IoT, and artificial intelligence on operations like manufacturing and material handling. Declaring a 4th industrial revolution places this transition on par with the original steam powered machinery used to alleviate centuries of human toil, or the first electric […]

The 5G technology is promised to transform a multitude of industries worldwide, and the healthcare industry is no different. 5G networks would change—and improve—all of the critical components of healthcare, a subject especially meaningful today as the spread of COVID-19 has put unprecedented stress on healthcare systems worldwide.   5G promises to provide essential levels […]

One of the most significant areas we have seen driving new test and measurement requirements has been data center interconnect – DCI. This rapidly growing area leverages the emergence of pluggable coherent optics (DCO) to allow rapid scaling of data center interconnect bandwidth based on an open, multi-vendor ecosystem. For the DCI market to grow […]

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