Signal Leakage in Cable Networks, a Long and Winding Road Cable is a unique communications medium that has evolved from a rudimentary patchwork of transmission lines and components devised by an industrious group of technology pioneers decades ago into the leading broadband juggernaut that it is today.  The remnants of this journey are still evident […]

It’s New Year’s Eve, the clock strikes midnight. You try making a VoLTE call to your friend to wish them well, but the call fails. WhatsApp is down, and your message doesn’t go through. At the very least networks should be able to handle 4G demands; the alternative is having to handle subscriber complaints and […]

Cable network maintenance techs and contractors at times need to find and fix cable breaks or faults, which are likely to occur in network locations that impact many subscribers, with a degradation in service or even a complete outage. This means that quick, simple, accurate and high-resolution testing is required. Sometimes the cable is underground, […]

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