The “Together with VIAVI” blog series features some of the many talented, diverse, and often spirited people across the company, bringing their best to you – our customers and partners – every day. Your success is our success and we are delighted to be on this journey with you!

Name: Aline Loison   

Title: DevOps Support Engineer         

Location: Edinburgh, UK


What is your current role, and what brought you to work at VIAVI?

I currently serve at the first level support for the application ariesoGEO which geo-locates users to help operators reduce issues on the spot.  I am in constant contact with our customers, I understand their problems and try to resolve them. If required, I work with my colleagues with different expertise to solve a case and I learn from those experiences. I am also part of the Support Team Six where we work on developing tools to facilitate the support. These support tools will autonomously detect problems and if possible, solve them. These tools help VIAVI Solutions to support our customers pro-actively.

How do you help customers, and what is your proudest moment?

Every day I help our customers by solving their issues, following up on requests and I pro-actively use our monitoring tool to solve issues. Our support services are amazing and can be provided up to 24×7 days a week. My proudest moment is to have been chosen to be part of this Support Team Six. We are only 6 people working on it in the world. I am working at VIAVI only since January and am proud to be selected to be part of this team, along with very experienced engineers. We are developing tools to facilitate the support. These tools will be used on every customer system around the world and allow us to considerably reduce the number of customers tickets by pro-actively detecting and solving their problems. These tools will also help us in resolving cases by analyzing the customer system and suggesting different root causes.

What would people be surprised to learn about VIAVI?

VIAVI is a welcoming company! I Arrived at VIAVI at the beginning of this year and everyone welcomed me, from all around the world. Even with the current global situation and working from home, VIAVI engages with employees to keep the team spirits up and even creates fun events to contribute to everyday life in lockdown. The fact that VIAVI makes an effort to keep the team strong motivates us to continue to give our best to support our customers.

You can read more about VIAVI Customer and Partner Champions on the “Together with VIAVI” website.

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