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Name: Sylvie Moutin

Title: Marketing Localization project Lead

Location: France


What is your current role, and what brought you to work at VIAVI?

I have an exciting story with the company since I joined the VIAVI Fiber Optics business unit located
Saint-Etienne, France (at the time it was Schlumberger) over three decades ago. I have grown with the
transformations and innovations of the company always remaining in the high tech domain and
expanding in international environment. Our customers and partners are becoming more and more
global bringing a diversity of culture, languages and business practices. While I‘ve had many roles at
VIAVI, adapting and promoting the company’s messages, expertise and content for a global audience
has always been central to my work. It is important to integrate the international aspect right from the
start of a project to ensure that content will be understood by a global audience and that localized
resources can be delivered and maintained easily. VIAVI continues to be a leader in recognizing the
importance of globality and delivering content from a customer-centric point of view

How do you help customers, and what is your proudest moment?

My role, along with global teams across VIAVI, is to identify, localize and maintain the content our customers need ensuring they have the best experience possible. I work closely with the VIAVI regional marketing teams to identify the right content customers and partners need locally to support their goals: brochures, white papers, application notes, posters, videos, and material for email communications. I also examine the content customers view on our web site and ensure the most popular information is available on our regional web sites in native language. Our content serves countries around the globe such as China, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, France, Germany, Russia, Spain and UK.

Beyond the translation, the localization of the websites brings a special attention to the context of the content. Localization helps international customers find the content they need in appropriate languages, get information on products/solutions targeted to local needs, identify the appropriate in-country contacts, provide awareness of regional events or webinars/training, all delivered in the local language. Keeping the content current and up-to-date, ensuring translated documents are the latest version is also part of my job and I work across the VIAVI organization to develop and implement global processes to make this happen.

Each day is a continuous improvement process for me and my proudest moments are when our customers give positive feedback on our content. The positive feedback is measured by double digit growth of visits and numbers of pages viewed on our regional websites.

What would people be surprised to learn about VIAVI?

Our localization process is a mixed model which combines external translators and in-house teams .  Localization projects involve a team of experts around the world: content creators, regional marketers, linguists and VIAVI reviewers. The VIAVI reviewers are key in the process: native language and local knowledge are crucial and nothing would be possible without my amazing team of talented VIAVI reviewers who bring their expertise to ensure you have the best experience that meets your needs in your language, everywhere you are!

You can read more about VIAVI Customer and Partner Champions on the “Together with VIAVI” website.

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