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Name: Heather Ng

Job Title: Head of Finance, APAC              

Country: Singapore


What made you want to be in Finance?

I come from a traditional Singaporean ethnic Chinese family where we take our parent’s suggestions quite seriously. My father who is a book-keeper himself taught me since I was young that a traditional accounting job is the most stable job – he calls it a recession proof job. That’s how I got started, and as I entered university seeing relationships between numbers seemed to come very naturally to me. 25 years later, with finance evolving from just a traditional accounting job, I derive a great sense of satisfaction from being able to relate numbers to the state of a business and solving process problems as a day to day occurrence!

How would you describe “A Day in the Life” of your current job at VIAVI, and the impact your role has in helping customers or partners?

The day starts with answering the most critical emails overnight, followed by regular scheduled calls with my team, extended teams, and stakeholders.  Throughout the day, I receive a number of ad-hoc calls from my team and stakeholders that require my advice and recommendations to solve problems, could be as simple as operational issues, from reporting compliance to credit and costs, to logistics, tax and cash flow related. These calls can be very short ones, but it matters a great deal to the stakeholders of the subject matter. This is something that I truly enjoy – being able to bring value and help others.

What is your favorite accomplishment or success story with a customer or partner?

One of my favorite examples took place during the early part of my time at VIAVI where I helped transition our external channel partners into a new set of compliance guidelines and order processing workflows. With the streamlined processes, we were able to tap into existing resources thereby saving the business time and money.

Post VIAVI acquisition, a lot of processes both internal and with our external partners needed to be migrated to VIAVI’s processes. I led the team with streamlined processes to leverage existing resources and successfully integrate into VIAVI’s critical controls and reporting processes. As a result, we were able act as a consolidated group after acquisition and straight into the company’s year-end close.

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