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Name: Regina Chan

Job Title: Senior Director, APAC Legal

Country: Hong Kong SAR


What made you want to be a lawyer?

The cliché response to this question to a newly minted lawyer may well be ‘to uphold justice’. A little-known fact is that I also have a degree in music therapy. Although these two career paths diverge in a lot of aspects in terms of client base and expertise, they converge on the same goal which is to help people and redress imbalances. Over these twenty plus years as a lawyer, I have enjoyed being able to put what I learned in law school into practice and have not regretted choosing this career path.

How would you describe “A Day in the Life” of your current job at VIAVI, and the impact your role has in helping customers or partners?

Just like many VIAVI employees, I start my day with time management. I check the emails in my mailbox to prioritize the various matters and the time allocated to each matter.  Commercial matters are always on top of the priority list.  I also read the Media Report from the VIAVI Communications Team which always gives good insight on what is trending in the technology world and news about competitors. Other than commercial matters, there are also contentious matters which are related to employees, notifications from statutory organizations and government agencies as well as code of conduct issues. These will include work in collecting facts, investigation and communication with various internal departments and external parties such as subject matter experts and agencies.  I also provide support for non-contentious issues such as updating HR work, real estate leases reviews as well as post-acquisition entity integration work. The day will be interspersed with conference calls with various parties working on different matters. Depending on the stakeholders involved in the matter, these calls can be very early in the morning or late at night to accommodate participants based in Europe, East and West coasts. Despite the various aspects of my job, it is the same objective to work with internal teams to identify and mitigate risks in advancing company growth and culture.

What is your favorite accomplishment or success story with a customer or partner?

I am most proud of my part in expanding VIAVI’s footprint in Asia, setting up new sites such as the NSE Sales Office in Beijing, the OSP facility in Suzhou and the Shared Services Center in India. At the end of the day our global presence is focused on collaborating to provide timely support wherever our customers are located.

You can read more about VIAVI Customer and Partner Champions on the “Together with VIAVI” website.

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