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Name: Carole Thoraval

Job Title: Senior Research Scientist

Country: United States


What made you want to be a scientist?

I always wanted to be a chemist working in research and development (R&D).  It is very exciting to develop new technologies and products – something I get to do every day as a research scientist for VIAVI!  Chemistry is everywhere and it affects everybody’s life.  Recently, I became a manager and I enjoy working with my colleagues to help them develop their careers and make our team the best it can be.

How would you describe “A Day in the Life” of your current job at VIAVI, and the impact your role has in helping customers or partners?

I have been working at VIAVI for 15 years! My days are spent managing projects, planning tests, carrying out experiments, analyzing data, reporting results and developing technologies bringing products of the future to life. I also have meetings with coworkers and partners to discuss ideas and results of experiments.  I always make time for taking classes so that I can improve myself, stay on top of innovation and develop new skills.

What is your favorite accomplishment or success story with a customer or partner?

Recently, I was part of a team that was tasked to develop new effect pigments for the Custom Color Solutions group.  This was a very exciting project because we were not using our legacy vacuum deposition coating processes.  Our team developed new technologies to coat and process the material.  It was a lot of pressure as some of the prototyping was carried out in Switzerland and we had to make sure that all the logistics were in place to have successful trials.  I was part of the small team that was organizing and carrying out the trials.  It was exciting to come back and show our progress to our colleagues as well as getting feedback from potential customers.  Unfortunately, the business decided to put the project on hold.  This is life in R&D, not all the projects make it to the next step, but you can never give up on innovating!

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