Listen to your network.

Travel and other restrictions are preventing us from meeting you in person, but we’ve come up with the next best thing – our unique virtual roadshow! This is not just another webinar dressed up as an event – we have been working hard to bring you an online event with everything you’d expect from an in-person seminar, but from the comfort of your own desk.
Take part in the live Q&A sessions, grasp networking opportunities, and have your say in interactive polls. Head over to our online meeting rooms for topical discussions, join in with some fun gamification, and don’t forget to claim your prizes and giveaways too!

Meet with your networking and security peers, your local VIAVI experts and listen to well-known industry authorities to learn how to optimize and secure your network for delivering IT operational excellence in your business.

Watch the Listen To Your Network Roadshow Trailer:


Roadshow Overview

The world has changed dramatically over the last 9 months and the ripples are continuing to disrupt IT departments and security teams. Networks have been turned inside-out by enforced remote working and bad actors have been taking advantage by redoubling efforts to penetrate corporate networks. New technologies are being adopted at faster rates than ever before in the race to achieve digital transformation goals. Just look at the speed of adoption for SD-WAN as a recent example.

Join us for a 1/2 day summit where we explore how listening to your network can help make sense of all the turmoil and ensure you have the application, network, and cybersecurity visibility you need to keep end-users productive and assets and reputations protected.

Learn about:

  • Market trends
  • Addressing network & threat visibility challenges
  • Pinpointing network and application issues quickly before users are impacted
  • Cybersecurity threat detection & response
  • Monitoring across your entire on-premise and cloud ecosystem


Opening (15 minutes)Brad Reinboldt & Sid Nanda
Keynote (45 mins)Mark Leary, Chris Kessel, Carl Hohenstein, and James Kerr
It’s Time to Start Keeping Score (20 minutes)Ward Cobleigh
Industry Session (Financial Services & Healthcare) OR Customer Case Study
(20 minutes)
Networking  / Partners and Peers Breakouts
(20 minutes)
Delivering Value Across the Cyber Kill Chain  (20 minutes)Matt AllenVPN Lifecycle Management   (20 minutes)Sid Nanda
Incident Response Lifecycle (20 minutes)Zachary Reichert and Brian Resler (Aon)Managing Daily Operations: Top Challenges  (20 minutes)Bill Proctor
Listening and Responding to your Ecosystem   (20 minutes)James Kerr
Close & Prize Announcements


Register for your ‘local’ or industry event on Eventbrite or follow the links below. If you can’t attend your local event, choose another date that works better for you.

01-Oct8:30am -12 noon ETSouth East US
08-Oct8:30am -12 noon PTWest Coast & Mountain US, Western Canada
15-Oct9:00am -12:30pm CTUS: Financial Services
20-Oct8:30am -12 noon BSTEMEA: Financial Services
22-Oct8:30am -12 noon ETNorth East US, Canada
05-Nov9:00am -12:30pm CTUS: Healthcare
10-Nov8:30am -12 noon CETGermany, Austria & Switzerland
12-Nov8:30am -12 noon CTNorth Central US
24-Nov8:30am -12 noon GMTUK, Nordics, Benelux, Middle East, Africa
03-Dec8:30am -12 noon CTSouth Central US


We look forward to meeting you!


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Maria is a senior marketing leader with more than 30 years' experience in B2B marketing roles at a variety of technical agency and technology vendors including digital agencies, IT networking, enterprise software, open-source software, cybersecurity, cloud and IT managed services organizations.

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