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How Well Do You Know Your Profiles?

Recently, VISA published a Security Alert that described three attacks targeting point-of-sale (POS) systems. While fuel dispenser merchants’ POS environments were the targets, this little article is not about bad guys and gas pumps, this is a discussion about profiles. What profiles? Why profiles? In this context, let’s define two types of profiles this way: […]

The importance of Gartner Magic Quadrant research to assess vendors and their technologies is well known. The Critical Capabilities is a sister document, published in conjunction with the MQ. In the MQ, Gartner synthesizes numerous inputs into two broad groups; “Ability to Execute” and “Completeness of Vision”, and then plotting them on a graph, Gartner […]

It’s the tale as old as timestamps: A random user complains of a random performance problem When someone is available to assist the user, the problem is no longer occurring The available data doesn’t provide any real clues Wait a while. Repeat. Why is this story still being told? With all the advancements that have […]

With so many KPIs and metrics for tracking security and performance over networks, clouds, clients, and applications, it’s difficult to see how SecOps and NetOps engineers ever rise above the noise. VIAVI Solutions takes a different approach to eliminate the noise and improve engineer effectiveness in solving issues. An example of this in Observer is […]

As IT teams deal with challenges from cloud migrations to growing security demands, the number of point tools used to address these issues have dramatically increased. Reliance on different intelligence, metrics, and tools create huge rifts between IT teams such as NetOps and SecOps that become apparent in collaboration or war-room situations. As Gartner stated […]

With application workloads moving to the cloud, how do IT teams relying on traditional performance metrics gain accurate insight into user experience in these new hybrid IT environments? Network and application performance monitoring have become the de facto standard for meeting service delivery expectations for enterprise IT. But if IT operations personnel aren’t seeing the […]

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