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The customer is a world leader in multi-venue, multi-channel race broadcasting, telecasting more than 80,000 races each year to millions of viewers in Australia and around the globe.

They recently started a major upgrade of their Data Center to support a new world class SMPTE ST2110 Media Network deployment. This network will initially support speeds ranging from 10 Gb/s to 100 Gb/s and requires a modular infrastructure solution for future upgrades to 400 Gb/s and beyond. In parallel to this media network infrastructure at the main Data Center it will also provide connectivity for all future data center equipment and a rolling network equipment upgrade.

As part of the customer’s media technology strategy, at the same time as the primary DC upgrade they also commenced a secondary data center at the Optus satellite facility .This site required a modular fiber solution for a secondary media network, in addition to a new core data center network. The infrastructure used in both sites needed to support integration and hand-off to a DWDM long haul solution for high bandwidth data center interconnect. The HUBER+SUHNER GPSoF technology was also a requirement to ensure a robust yet safe connectivity solution for their networks.

After assessing various vendors and their connectivity solutions, the customer chose to implement HUBER+SUHNER equipment in both their primary and secondary sites. The LISA fiber management system was used for their ODF with IANOS® chassis used throughout their 19″ racks for all the cross-connects and equipment connections. They chose to use 1U and 4U IANOS® chassis with transition cassettes for all their MTP®-LC OM4 and OS2 trunk cables and harnesses. Straight through MTP cassettes were used for 40-100 Gb/s connectivity. HUBER+SUHNER GPSoF antennas and TX/RX units were deployed for GPS connectivity which was a requirement for precision timing in the media network.

Huber+Suhner approached TMG looking for the right testers to help their customer to validate their installation. VIAVI test and validation tools were chosen for sign-off of the customer’s infrastructure installation. TMG assisted in supplying MPOLx and Sidewinder products. TMG also conducted a hands-on training for the customer on the use of the testers and assisted in the initial testing. Power meter and Light source equipment (MPOLx) and an inspection camera (Sidewinder) were used for all OM4 and OS2 commissioning.

Due to the success and ease of use, the customer also chose to use a small HUBER+SUHNER fiber solution for the remote studio built in their Queensland office, using 4U IANOS® chassis and cassettes.



HUBER+SUHNER offers its customers around the globe outstanding products and services for its electrical and optical connectivity needs. HUBER+SUHNER focuses on combining products from the three technologies of Radio Frequency, Fiber Optics and Low Frequency to create solutions for Communication, Transportation and Industrial. And the balanced diversity of their 3×3 strategy gives them long-term financial stability.

HUBER+SUHNER products deliver high performance, quality, reliability, and a long service life – even under the toughest of conditions. It’s global production network, combined with group companies and agencies in over 80 countries, puts HUBER+SUHNER close to its customers



TMG Test Equipment is VIAVI’s Elite Solution Partner, Master Distributor and Authorized Service Provider in Australia. TMG services every state across Australia with a focus on the major telco contractor market. TMG specializes in VIAVI copper, HFC, fiber-optic and transmission testing technologies. TMG has worked with VIAVI (and previously JDSU) for six years.



VIAVI Solutions is a global provider of network test, monitoring and assurance solutions for communications service providers, enterprises, network equipment manufacturers, government, and avionics. We help these customers harness the power of instruments, automation, intelligence, and virtualization to Command the network. VIAVI is also a leader in light management solutions for 3D sensing, anti-counterfeiting, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, and defense applications.

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