CEO Tom Waechter spoke to Converge! Network Digest about the Viavi launch and important trends that the company supports, including software defined networking and network functions virtualization. A few notable comments from Tom and the full interview are included below.

“There’s a significant shift going on in the architectures in the network. You’ve heard about SDN, software defined networks, network functions virtualization, so we’re right in the middle of that to really help the customer base to make that shift in the architecture. A lot of it is to help them to collect data throughout their network – all parts of the network – to really understand the network performance as there’s more data flowing through the network, part of big data.

We help them collect that data but more importantly we help them to break down the data to a meaningful format, so they can really better understand their networks and the performance of the networks to better serve their customer base – at the same time reducing the cost to operate those networks.”

“The key things that we want people to think about when they think about Viavi is our innovative capabilities. So we are a thought leader in the industry we work very closely with our customer base to solve some very complex problems, whether they are in the network with the NSE part of our business or whether it has to do with counterfeiting on the OSP side of the business.”

“Today now as we separate we’ll be much more of a pure play and really will be able to focus on our customers and give them a lot more support and be a lot more agile in the way we address the marketplace.”

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Bernie Tylor

As a communications professional immersed in an exciting time in the tech industry, Bernie is passionate about being an energetic “messenger” to help convey the tremendous aspects about Viavi Solutions in impactful ways, including through social media. Among the big motivators for storytelling is imparting how the company helps to support the exciting wave of technologies that consumers and businesses use to transform how they communicate, entertain and improve their day-to-day lifestyles or increase work production. Bernie has been with the company for more than 10-years, and has proudly served in communications and public relations roles at innovative US-based global companies during his career.

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