Our first week as Viavi Solutions has been underway!  By now, you’ve probably noticed part of the buzz is we’re more flexible and better positioned to serve our customers.  And, to take aim at new opportunities in the market as we are better aligned with the industry’s most attractive growth opportunities like cloud networking, data-center expansion and software-defined networks (SDN).

As Tom Waechter remarked: “This is an important milestone as we mark the successful completion of the spinoff. Viavi is poised to capture the opportunities created by the industry’s transition to new network architectures and the need for increased network and application visibility.”

What do other company leaders think at this momentous time?  We posed a few questions for their quick perspective. Here’s what Dr. Sameh Yamany, Vice President and CTO of Applications and Analytics, Viavi Solutions had to say:

Dr. Sameh Yamany, Vice President and CTO of Applications and Analytics, Viavi Solutions

What is most exciting to you about Viavi Solutions?  In terms of areas of focus – how we enable next generation technologies, the value we provide our customers and partners?

Viavi Solutions has a unique position in the industry to provide complete and comprehensive solutions that enable end-to-end (E2E) visibility and actionable information about our customers and partners, and the services they provide to their consumers and business users.  These solutions focus on the “real-time” and “end-to-end” quality of experience (QoE) at all levels and stages of the service life cycle.  This enables our customers to enhance and improve QoE in the most cost efficient way.

 What are your views on the technology trends Viavi Solutions will put greater emphasis on – what are the primary technology areas we’re seeing as critical in this time of fast paced technology change with deployments of advanced technologies around the world?

We at Viavi solutions are seeing great inflection points in the market we serve. These inflection points gravitate around new innovations in the virtualization, automation and  expanded wireless and wireline conversions with the anticipated 5G technology turn.  Areas of focus for our technology evolution are around information analytics and the role it plays in driving 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) evolutions, E2E self-optimizing networks (SON) and software defined networks (SDN).  In addition, in the new hybrid and fully virtualized networks, the prevalence of video services and applications in the exponentially growing internet traffic, the emergence of new standards, like LMAP and xHAUL, and the transition of our business to movable sensors and cloud data analytics.

Now that the separation is complete and public, what do you feel is most promising about Viavi Solutions – whether business direction, technology focus, leaner, more agile to address the market’s major growth areas?

The focus Viavi Solutions has on being agile and nimble and partnering with our customers is the catalyst for the growth in our business.  Viavi’s solutions leverage the unique and great technology competence built over years and with great acquisitions to address the evolving and growing market with a refreshing approach that builds on our strengths and provides a platform for faster delivery of new innovative solutions.


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