This weekend, the separation of JDSU into Viavi and Lumentum was completed. Today marks the first business day of operations for both new companies with employee celebrations happening across the world.

It’s been an incredible journey over the past eleven months and we wish our colleagues at Lumentum all of the best as a standalone company. Many of us will continue to see many of them in Milpitas at lunch time, now that they have established their headquarters in the same area.

With the separation complete, I thought it best to start off our new blog by answering some of the most widely asked questions about Viavi.

Who is Viavi?

As a standalone company, Viavi moves forward to support three key areas:

Service Enablement

Viavi’s service enablement solutions are embedded network systems – including microprobes and software – that collect and analyze network data to reveal the customer’s experience and provide opportunities for new revenue streams. These solutions provide service providers and enterprises with the ability to optimize their networks and create new solutions for their customers in response to the flood of big data traveling across networks, the emergence of network virtualization and growth in cloud computing.

Network Enablement

Viavi’s network enablement solutions include instruments and software that support the development and production of network systems in the lab that activate, certify, troubleshoot and optimize networks for service providers. Viavi provides all of the relevant network infrastructure technologies that help service providers effectively scale their networks in response to growing Internet traffic.

Optical Security and Performance Products

Viavi’s OSP business is a leading designer and manufacturer of anti-counterfeiting solutions for currency authentication and high-value optical components and instruments for diverse government and commercial uses.

What are some basic facts about Viavi?

Viavi is headquartered in Milpitas, CA and has 45 offices worldwide and more than 3,000 employees. Annual revenue as part of JDSU in fiscal year 2014 was $949.5 M.

Who are your customers?

Viavi has a long-standing track record as a trusted partner for service providers, network equipment manufacturers, enterprises and other types of global organizations. This includes more than 4,000 customers across the service provider, network equipment manufacturer and enterprise markets.

How do you see Software Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualization evolving? What does Viavi contribute to these trends?

Telecom and enterprise customers are looking for ways to increase agility, reduce expenses and deploy new services in minutes instead of months. New technologies like SDN and NFV promise to help companies meet all of these requirements.

As organizations start virtualizing networks, they encounter a whole host of other challenges.

At Viavi, we intimately understand the challenges customers face when setting up these new environments. Our solutions provide a complete view of network performance, from the physical to virtual aspects and from the edge all the way to core data centers.  This helps our customers get very specific data out of the network and correlate it with a particular service in real time so they can improve their services and the performance of the network – very quickly and with great precision.

What does the name Viavi mean?

The word “Viavi” is derived from via, meaning ‘way’ and ‘vision.’ It highlights the ability for Viavi solutions to deliver real-time, actionable insight that help customers leverage that data and turn it into improved productivity and profitability.

It’s time to celebrate! 

Below are pictures of employees around the world spelling out the new company name. Let the celebrations begin!

 edinburgh-park-viavi 1 allEningen Employees  St EtienneSuzhou1  


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