Today, JDSU announced members of the board of directors for both Lumentum and Viavi, the two companies that will result from the upcoming separation. It’s another important milestone that helps set up both future companies with board members that have deep institutional knowledge across the markets that both Lumentum and Viavi will serve.

In addition to existing JDSU board members, the company also plans to draw additional members from outside of the company to further deepen the collective expertise of both boards:
-Lumentum plans to add Brian Lillie, CIO of Equinix, who has extensive technology management experience in the data center and telecom industries that will be key markets for Lumentum.
-Lumentum will also add Samuel Thomas, CEO of Chart Industries, Inc., who has significant knowledge related to manufacturing and welding that will compliment Lumentum’s rapidly-growing laser business.
-Viavi expects to add Pamela Strayer, CFO at Plantronics. Ms. Strayer was named “CFO of the Year” by Silicon Valley Business Journal in 2014 and will bring extensive financial expertise to the board. She will serve as chairperson of the audit committee.
JDSU also shared that the Viavi stock ticker will read as “VIAV,” while Lumentum’s stock ticker was previously announced as “LITE.”
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You can read the full details about the make-up of both new boards in today’s press release that is on our separation updates page.

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