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Name: Ejiro Igbesoko

Job Title: Global Services and Support Manager

Country: United Kingdom



Tell us a little bit about yourself and your current role at VIAVI?

I manage a global team of services and support engineers spanning five business units within the Network & Service Enablement (NSE) organization of VIAVI.

I am accountable for the performance of my team of 17 engineers who work daily to provide world-class professional services and technical support to our customers across the globe utilizing VIAVI’s diverse product portfolio, and ensuring that not only are services delivered on time to our customers, but also that they receive the support they require in their time of need.

Tell us about your favorite hobby and what skills or qualities it enables you to bring to your role at VIAVI.

My favorite hobby is playing the violin and viola.

Having previously achieved ABRSM Performance Grade 7 for violin, I have dedicated more time in recent years to playing the viola due to my love for its deeper sound. From time to time, especially when inspired by key life events, I also find myself composing music as well.

My love for music means that I have a deep appreciation of harmony and diversity in life, since great music can indeed only be made through the combination of varied and diverse sounds.

This appreciation enables me to recognize instantly what works (or doesn’t) within my team such that, like the conductor of an orchestra, I can manage affairs within the team towards ensuring the best team performance.

Additionally, handling difficult situations (especially in times of customer escalations) is made easier, due to the resilience gained from performing good music for audiences.

Name something that VIAVI offers that would be exciting for early-in-career employees.

VIAVI offers multiple opportunities for career growth and development.

For employees passionate about technology, considering the diversity of technologies produced by VIAVI, there is truly no end to what early-in-career employees can learn.

Additionally, for employees keen on progressing through exciting roles, there are always new career opportunities to explore.

You can read more about VIAVI Customer and Partner Champions on the “Together with VIAVI” website.

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