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Name: Tracy Ho

Title: Head of VIAVI APAC Marketing

Location: Singapore


What is your current role, and what brought you to work at VIAVI?

I presently lead the APAC Marketing team at VIAVI and have been at it since 2010.  I took this job and haven’t looked back since! At the time, the company was made up of three business units and each of them is as intriguing as the next.  I never knew how important and comprehensive testing was until I supported the Test and Measurement (T&M) business which has a wide spectrum of products: WaveReady for network applications, anti-counterfeiting tools, 3D Sensing and of course ChromaFlaire that coats cars reflecting different colors at different angles to name a few. I love learning about these products and implementing how best to market them, what channel to use for campaigns and helping expand into new markets.  I enjoy the work that I do tremendously and I especially take pride in growing the marketing team and producing best in class content.  I have been in marketing most of my career and the biggest challenge has always been the balance between doing marketing for the short term to meet sales alongside ensuring innovation is still happening and that the long-term survival of the value of the brand is kept top of mind.  It is this everyday challenge of balance that keeps my energy up and commitment to keeping the right products at the right time in front of our customers.

How do you help customers, and what is your proudest moment?

In my role, I have the privilege of leading and managing seminars, workshops, roadshows and tradeshows that are created to market and offer VIAVI’s array of solutions to as many target customers as possible. It is at all these activities that we come face to face with customers to showcase our products and solutions. The magic happens when we understand our customers, test and solve their specific issues and when the customers see value in our solutions and ultimately become our partners. My proudest moments are when this synergy happens and this makes me proud of working at VIAVI.

What would people be surprised to learn about VIAVI?  

People are most surprised when I tell them that Service Providers and NEMs depend on VIAVI to test their communications networks. People around the world can go about their work or learn remotely because VIAVI helps Service Providers to test and troubleshoot subscriber services every minute of the day.  Another fun fact is that VIAVI was at the forefront of 5G Technology even before it was commercialized. VIAVI products enable NEMs to conduct thorough performance testing of 5G network equipment to ensure performance and reliability in the field and lead in accelerating innovation in 5G Commercial services.

You can read more about VIAVI Customer and Partner Champions on the “Together with VIAVI” website.

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