As IT teams deal with challenges from cloud migrations to growing security demands, the number of point tools used to address these issues have dramatically increased. Reliance on different intelligence, metrics, and tools create huge rifts between IT teams such as NetOps and SecOps that become apparent in collaboration or war-room situations.

As Gartner stated in the 2019 Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostic (NPMD) Magic Quadrant, there’s no standard approach or solution to effectively bridge this gap.

“The schism among the NPMD buying community continues. Some buyers tend to invest broadly in packet and infrastructure monitoring solutions, often across different vendors, but have issues with the complexity of their packet monitoring solutions and with tool sprawl. Others invest more narrowly in infrastructure-focused network monitoring, and report frustration with their inability to do root cause analysis (RCA) without deeper monitoring.”

Given the different paths taken by vendors, this schism will continue until IT teams demand unified solutions that can serve as a bridge between NetOps and SecOps using the same intelligence and data sets for collaboration and investigations.

Most Visionary NPMD Vendor Bridging IT Gaps
Although some NPMD vendors claim to bridge gaps between network and security operations, the VIAVI Observer platform has actively supported security and performance investigations for decades. This long-standing vision continues with the development of real-time security and performance threat identification and remediation capabilities in Observer Apex and GigaFlow. It was substantiated by Gartner’s recognition of VIAVI for the most complete vision of any company in the NPMD Magic Quadrant and placement as a leader for the sixth consecutive year.

“The fact that VIAVI is again recognized by Gartner as a Leader in the NPMD Magic Quadrant validates our focus on addressing the most pressing monitoring and troubleshooting challenges of today’s network and security teams,” said Douglas Roberts, Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise and Cloud, VIAVI. “We strive to drive the vendor market forward, but more importantly, our innovation is driven by our customers, providing outcomes that actually solve problems.”

Access the new 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant report to see how VIAVI compares with other vendors in the space.

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