When a technology enterprise has problems with their Oracle database, sales processes slow until VIAVI Observer helps shine a light on the cause.

For high-tech enterprises competing in today’s business landscape, it can be tough to stay ahead of the competition. This is especially true when personnel are hindered by failing applications and inefficient infrastructure. Finding the problem can feel like trying to locate a needle in a haystack unless you have the right tools. This was the case when a top tech firm was challenged by a longstanding Oracle issue.

“We had an Oracle application that had been misbehaving for a couple years,” said the Director of Global Infrastructure. “Random complaints of multi-minute delays were being reported, yet we couldn’t see any issues. Our metadata said that there was no problem, either from a resource standpoint or from a network or application standpoint. Since the issue was sporadic and was not impacting our customers, it became a low priority and wasn’t ever addressed.”

After deploying VIAVI Observer for network performance management, the team could utilize the solution’s Connection Dynamics functionality which illustrates transaction communications, as well as End-User Experience Scoring to pinpoint the trouble amidst hundreds of thousands of packets.

“Before we had Observer, we would plug our laptop into the switch, capture as many packets as we could with Wireshark, then hunt and peck through all those packets to find the one that was causing a problem,” said the Senior IT Information Analyst. “When you have a couple million packets and large numbers of transactions, it is daunting and time consuming. With other high priorities, this performance issue got pushed to the side. Observer Apex and the End-User Experience Score showed me exactly where the problems were and gave us the 25 packets to focus on, versus the millions we tried to use previously.”

An intelligent network performance management solution, Observer uses adaptive machine learning to analyze over 30 different key performance indicators (KPI) to provide a user experience score, drilling down to the impacted conversations.

“Once we were given the information that Observer provided, we were able to identify the database indexing problems and resolve them within a few hours,” said the IT Manager of Tech Development and Operations.

By providing detailed information on individual transactions, the team is now able to ensure a better user experience and facilitate critical business processes that positively contribute to the bottom line of the enterprise.

Visit the VIAVI Solutions website for more details on end-user experience scoring and other features released with Observer 17.4.

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