Networks are converging at an unprecedented pace – a fact which is widely known and accepted in today’s hyper-growth and incredibly competitive global business environments. On top of that, every network flavor (fixed, wireless, cloud, enterprise…) must manage according to insanely accelerated cycles for updates, improvements, and advancements in their networks to support that complexity. But the bottom line is we just want it done correctly the first time, every time. There is no pressure in that, right?

Today, there are more layers of technology and associated challenges than ever before. To provide reliable and optimized quality and cost for dynamic networks and services, you must have real-time visibility into your network. Delivering that requires “the full story” – a real-time view of end-to-end network performance, service performance, and customer experience. It’s not just important, it’s imperative – because in addition to delivering superior service, it’s also about managing expenditures (both OpEx and CapEx), as well as driving potential new revenue streams.

You may have already read or heard that in late 2017, VIAVI Solutions introduced NITRO – the industry’s first real-time intelligence platform that connects testing and service activation data seamlessly across mobile, fiber, cable, cloud and enterprise networks.

Over the last several weeks, we’ve met with numerous customers, partners, analysts and editors worldwide to discuss the vision and application for NITRO. We learned a lot through these discussions and would like to share a few of the questions (and answers) that continuously emerged:

Ultimately, what is the driver behind NITRO?
The market, specifically our customers, is THE driver. We are integrating our assurance products that monitor the network with our instruments that activate and test the network into a unified platform – the NITRO platform.

What are the benefits of a platform approach?
The core benefit is high engineering re-use – a much higher speed of feature updates that we can take to our customers. This means OpEx and CapEx savings on their side by way of self-service ordering and configurations. The siloed solutions today can automatically be connected tomorrow.

How does the NITRO platform compare to the rest of the market?
There’s nothing else like it. VIAVI has a very large installed base of products activating and turning up networks as well as assurance solutions that monitor the network, offering the capability of a full network lifecycle – turning up and monitoring – delivering on the promise of an automated, self-service network. With our extensive installed base in both instruments and systems software, we are first-to-market with an integrated activation and assurance platform across mobile, fiber, cable, cloud, and hybrid/IT, delivering exactly what the industry has asked for. It’s not either/or. It’s both.

What has been the customer response, so far?
Our customers have shared that they like that they can leverage their very large installed base of Viavi instruments that mostly turn up and test the network. They can also buy the solutions as standalones today that can be automatically connected tomorrow, so they expand the horizon of their investments. This paves the way for partnership that scales with their needs, and their customers’ needs.

To learn more, visit and bookmark the VIAVI NITRO page where you will find a video explaining the platform, a white paper that goes into deeper detail, and more. NITRO will also be featured at many major trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions worldwide, including Mobile World Congress, Cable-Tec Expo, and Cisco Live.

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