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Here at VIAVI, we hate waste, we love efficiency and we’re clever people. It sounds like we’re blowing our own trumpets here, but these are three values that help us to think and be more sustainable every day and help our customers save valuable energy. So, let’s look at just one of our products and explore how we save approximately 56x the carbon footprint of VIAVI every year, by reducing our customers’ energy use. 

VIAVI optical filters are used in devices such as smartphones and have been manufactured to improve world sensing. But how does that equate to energy savings? On depth sensing, constantly firing out lasers for facial recognition and powering the sensors and processors to look for the right face appears to be energy-consuming. In fact, face sensing by smartphones saves battery life by turning off a screen that is not being looked at and opening a screen faster than it would take to light a screen and enter a manual password. Our filters save 2 Watt-hours. That doesn’t sound like much but it all adds up if you ship over 1 billion optical filters, as VIAVI  has. That equates to a saving of approximately 1.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year! Approximately 56x our own carbon footprint! And that’s just one of our products. So next time you see an organization that reports they are carbon-neutral, remember how our innovative design and manufacturing process has resulted in a very meaningful carbon footprint reduction! 

And that’s not all. Sustainability is driven by broad innovation and looking at things differently is an important part of doing that. We inspect every part of what we do and try and make it better for our planet. As an example, we examined one particular shipping process to see if we could improve it. Our manufacturer of filters in Shenzhou ships the wafers to a production facility in another province. Instead of using the usual plastic packaging, we manufactured custom metal frames that hold the wafers and get them safely to their destination. The production facility sends the empty frames back and they are reused for the next batch of wafers. Our creative manufacturing processes enable us to get innovative with ‘small things’ like shipping packaging to not just make something that is recyclable, but reusable instead.

Differences like this can have a significant impact on our world. There are dozens more examples of changes that VIAVI has made to make a difference just by thinking about things in another way. Big differences are made up of many small changes and we are passionately committed to continue our innovation path to sustainability. 

Earth Day is on 22nd April 2022 and is an opportunity for both businesses and individuals to act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably). Think about how you can get involved and #InvestInOurPlanet. 

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