Reducing Truck Rolls Together - Earth Day 2022

Cable operators are taking many steps to become better stewards of our planet, from distributed access architectures that reduce power/cooling burden in headends to specification and choice of more energy-efficient modems and set-top boxes. VIAVI is helping further their efforts by minimizing the environmental impact that their field workforce creates.  

How? One example is by helping them reduce the number of truck rolls – the number of times technicians are sent out into the field to fix network issues. Whether the vehicle in question is a pickup truck, van, motorcycle, or something else, every journey affects the environment through:  

  • Fuel burned  
  • Vehicle emissions  
  • Extra idling from any traffic jams created while work is carried out – a common occurrence in busy towns and cities 

Operators globally are using VIAVI XPERTrak to minimize these impacts. Here are five ways VIAVI instruments help save trips:  

  • Only send technicians out when necessary – XPERTrak enables operators to see which network issues are or will affect subscriber services and therefore require an immediate trip to the field. Issues that are not impacting service now can be left until the next time a technician is in the area for another reason. 
  • Dispatch to fix, not to find – XPERTrak tools can pinpoint where to send a technician to fix a problem rather than having many unnecessary journeys to try and work out what the problem is.  
  • Prioritize proactive maintenance – XPERTrak tools help to find the areas of the network which will benefit most from proactive maintenance visits, reducing the number of field deployments. 
  • Fix and verify first time – Repeat visits to rectify failed fixes are a large source of unnecessary truck rolls. XPERTrak enables cable operators to view subscriber service quality in real-time after repairs have been made to ensure that the problem has been fixed with no adverse impact on neighbors.  
  • Single-person workflows – VIAVI helps our customers minimize their environment impact by enabling single-person workflows for jobs that previously required multiple techs to complete.  

Broadband connectivity has the potential to lessen the impact we all have on our planet, but service providers globally realize that maintaining this connectivity comes with a cost to the environment. VIAVI is proud to partner with the service provider community to act to help minimize this impact through products like XPERTrak. Together we can make a difference for this generation and generations to come.  

Earth Day is on 22nd April 2022 is an opportunity for both businesses and individuals to act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably). Think about how you can get involved and #InvestInOurPlanet 

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