Much like 4G has opened up the possibilities of ride-sharing, remote working, and online shopping, 5G is predicted to extraordinarily alter our lifestyles – from how we live, work, and play. Although the full extent of the changes that the 5G network will bring is not fully understood, it is common knowledge that 5G will not just be a minor improvement of its predecessor, but a major one, as it is approximately twenty times faster than 4G. As it brings enormous benefits to both customers and businesses, it is predicted that an enormous $10 trillion of revenue will be generated by 2035.


In this article, VIAVI Solutions strives to dive deeper into the five ways that the 5G network will change our daily lives. 


5G Lays the Foundation for Smart Cities

Smart cities have been an ultimate goal of the future, with experts and industry leaders collaborating on innovations and advanced technologies to move the human race a step closer to that reality. With the rollout and implementation of the 5G network, scientists and experts now have the backbone to experiment and innovate new products and services. For instance, autonomous cars are no longer a reality in a century from now on, but more like decades from now. 


The main challenge of rolling out autonomous vehicles has been the lack of internet speed and connectivity for the vehicles to communicate in a fraction of a millisecond to prevent crashes and accidents. However, with the 5G network implementation, this is no longer an issue. Keep in mind that a worldwide implementation of autonomous vehicles can take more than several decades. However, for large financial districts and cities, autonomous vehicles can be the perfect mode of transportation soon. 


5G will Transform Online Shopping 

Although the 4G network has sufficiently created a seamless online shopping experience, the 5G network will supercharge this to the next level. Imagine trying out your clothing items through a pair of virtual reality goggles or touching a laptop that you’re planning to purchase by wearing a particular pair of gloves. Whatever product that piques the customers’ interests, chances are, virtual reality can take the shopping experience to the home. It is no longer an outlandish idea to never step foot outside the house, as all the necessary reasons for doing so no longer exist. 


5G will Disrupt ‘Traditional’ Communication 

Nowadays, it is common to utilize an internet-based translation website, such as Google Translate, to double-check the vocabularies of a foreign language. However, it is simply not yet possible to communicate with other people by using said translation sites on their own. There is still a requirement for people to learn a foreign language to an extent. This fact is soon to change, as the 5G network allows instant translation, making conversations in both languages more active and seamless. 


5G will Enhance the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Fully automated factories and industrial buildings will revolutionize Industry 4.0, which will increase production efficiency, data analytics accuracy, and reduce costs. Due to its low latency, the 5G network allows pieces of equipment to be controlled remotely and enable predictive equipment maintenance, which will ensure the safety of the employees, as they can work off-site. However, this increasingly connected industrial future will require the implementation of edge processing, which highly complements the features of the 5G network. 


5G Boosts the Entertainment Scene

The days of hologram music concerts are around the corner. With virtually no loading time, artists and musicians could perform their musical pieces virtually anywhere to audiences on the other side of the globe. Not just that, fan meet-and-greets can be done on short notice without having to put an overwhelming amount of time into strategizing the logistics and security around them. 

Not only live entertainments, but the professional gamers will surely await the 5G network implementation with great anticipation, as gaming will no longer be optimized for computers or laptops, but also phones and tablets. This means that gamers can hone their skills from anywhere, such as inside a car, bus, plane, and many other places. 


Final Words

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