The games may be over in Tokyo, but VIAVI still took home a gold. During Flash Memory World 2021 at the Hangzhou International Expo Center VIAVI won the “Gold Award for 2021 Flash Memory Test and Analysis Solution” for our comprehensive technologies and innovative solutions for testing and analysis.

Flash Memory World focuses on the memory industry ecosystem in which flash memory and memory chips are at the core, bringing together industry experts, key opinion leaders and manufacturers. During the Summit, the “Best Flash Memory List 2021” was announced. The list recognizes advanced flash memory technologies and applications, driving innovations among flash memory companies, while setting industry standards at the same time. VIAVI, by virtue of winning the Gold Award, was also a part of this list.

If you’re wondering how Flash memory and the Xgig® 5P16 intersect here’s a quick primer. The increasing demands of data storage are driven by the rapid evolution of 5G, AI, IoT and ultra-large-scale computing. Flash memory is now a key technology used for data storage media, further emphasizing the importance of test and analysis technologies for flash memory. Such test and analysis of flash memory chips and their downstream products improves the life span and reliability of the systems and helps guarantee the performance, compatibility and protocol compliance of the SSDs and relevant whole machines. A comprehensive test also enables companies to choose the right flash memory solution.

Enter the Xgig® 5P16 Analyzer/Exerciser/Jammer Platform for PCIe 5, which VIAVI demoed during the event. The platform provides 16-lanes of full-speed data capture and error injection, enabling detailed functional and performance analysis of PCIe protocol. As an integrated system, Xgig® 5P16 allows Analyzer, Exerciser and Jammer functionality on the same platform, enabling users to cost-effectively configure equipment to best meet their individual and specific requirements. Mr. Xiaohu Lu, expert on SNT Storage Product Analyzers at VIAVI, Greater China, also delivered a speech titled “VIAVI’s Latest 16-Lanes Analyzer/Exerciser for PCIE 5.0” at the Flash Memory Test and Analysis Forum, to provide greater details on the product.

To read the whole article on Flash Memory World and the award please visit the original article (in Mandarin) or visit the VIAVI Website for greater details on our PCIe 4.0 and PCIe 5.0 offerings of protocol analyzers, exercisers, jammers and more.

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