There are various ways to which 5G mobile networks can improve the way we live – yet, they are framed as a luxury rather than a necessity. These networks produce faster speeds and lower latency that facilitates ultra-high definition video streaming, which are typically perceived as a means to enhance smartphone and gaming experience. However, it is time to change our perception of 5G and start to think towards the many other innovative services and technologies that 5G will enable. 


Here are some applications of 5G that will change the way we live, making it a necessity for our future.


Cutting-Edge Technology for Factory Floors

Large enterprises, especially those with many factories worldwide, are likely to be early 5G adopters, and hence they will leverage the full capabilities of the benefits delivered by 5G-enabled tech. Low latency and ultrafast connectivity will revolutionize factory floors in many ways, from remote real-time monitoring of robots to the use of 5G-powered simulations in augmented reality to better train workforce, increase productivity, and reduce time costs. Warehouses and factories, as well as airports and Fortune 500 companies’ headquarters may use high-speed technology to facilitate smart operations with high levels of agility and automations. Some experts also speculate that 5G coupled with robotics will result in an enhanced, self-enabled Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), which will usher a completely new era of factory robotics and drones, thus enhancing traffic management systems in most factories and warehouses.


Telehealth Services

Our attempt to combat the pandemic by minimising unnecessary human contact has accelerated the rise of telemedicine at an unprecedented speed. Even without 5G, telehealth services allow people to get the medical attention they need without having to risk contracting the virus by coming in person, which brings benefits to both the patients and doctors. While a lot of things are possible with the technologies that we have today – 4G and WiFi – many things will get supercharged when 5G is universally available. 


5G can deliver a connection speed of up to 10 to 100 times faster than a typical cellular network today, which makes it critical for sharing information in real-time with doctors. Any medical innovations with sophisticated imaging will benefit from this, such as portable ultrasound or stroke-detection machines. Furthermore, remote patient monitoring, consultation, and even surgery will also be enabled by 5G – for instance, in South Korea, first responders in ICUs are now using 360-degree cameras that are connected to 5G networks to stream data in real time. The information is sent to doctors on a review panel in different locations, hence ensuring the patient is receiving the right treatment despite the distance. Such breakthrough is only possible with 5G as it provides low latency, high bandwidth, and fast upload speeds.


Enhancing Experience

The introduction of 5G will be truly felt at performances that involve thousands of audiences in one area, such as sporting events, music festivals, and concerts. Not only it enhances the experience for fans with smartphones, but also for everyone involved – players, operators, fans, assistants, and more. In sports, it can be used to access health sensors to track athlete performance in almost real-time, thus minimising avoidable injuries and helping coaches to find a winning edge. In music festivals, 5G will allow for virtual festival experiences to take place, allowing festival goers to enjoy the same – if not better – experience as a real-life performance. Tens of thousands of audiences could eventually be able to livestream the performance no matter where they sit, even if they stream from home. This is because near real-time VR and AR can give you a player’s or front-row eye view, thus allowing us to socially distance and stay at home while enjoying the same level of performance.


With many of 5G applications that are expected to directly impact how businesses operate, it will be a necessity to our lives before we know it. 5G Technology is important for consumers, as well as businesses, as we move into the next era of technological advancements and continue to explore all that it has to offer, including things we likely have not thought of before. 


The key to a winning strategy is to futureproof your infrastructure and be prepared to be early adopters for 5G, and having the right test solutions for maintaining your networks is the key in delivering high quality network service. Since 2013, VIAVI Solutions has been an early driver in 5G adoption and we continue to deliver innovative and cost-effective 5G testing tools to customers. Check out our comprehensive portfolio of 5G Test Tools and learn what makes VIAVI a stand out amongst other 5G testing companies. VIAVI’s umbrella of interactive tools, testing capabilities, and solutions will help you to thrive, no matter which industry or region you’re working within.

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