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Name: Stephanie Burris
Title: Solutions Marketing Manager: Remote Fiber Optic Test, Global Services and StrataSync Test Process Automation Suite
Country: United States


What is your current role, and what brought you to work at VIAVI?
I came to VIAVI as a global Product Line Manager via a JDSU acquisition. I now manage global
marketing for three businesses that serve all VIAVI network customers: Remote Fiber Optics
Test, Global Services, and the StrataSync Test Process Automation Suite. I work with
customers who:

• use our remote fiber test systems, ONMSi™ and SmartOTU to build and monitor the worlds high speed networking infrastructure
• utilize StrataSync™ to automate test and reporting from 5G to fiber, from complex metro area network rings to the humble rural DSL line
• rely on stalwart support from VIAVI service centers and field engineers

I took this marketing role to shape how our offerings help our customers do their work.

How do you help customers, and what is your proudest moment?
There is something richly rewarding about helping people communicate. This is my proudest
moment as I watch the communications networking capabilities we work to enable help our
society remain functional during a crisis. I love that people who have never worked/schooled
from home, or used tele-medicine can count on a virtual, vital lifeline and protect those souls
who must venture out. Can you imagine if you could not video chat with family, friends,
coworkers, doctors? It requires good network infrastructure and maintenance done smartly.

It is exciting to see our products help people adapt. I have been working on a host of remote
test use cases recently. We hope to help many customers adopt beneficial remote test
practices to protect their staff and to maintain strong network services free from disruptive
quality issues.

Innovation in remote test and test process automation, provides dividends for years to come, in terms of profit, business continuity, employee satisfaction and customer experience. I believe in it whole heartedly and I’ve seen the results it can deliver for customers such as 25% saving in OPEX, 30% improvement in MTTR and the avoidance of up to 20% of network outages.

Please join my most recent webinars on demand that discuss how to set up remote fiber test and test process automation:

Remote Fiber Test for PON and DAA, DCI throughout the Network Lifecycle


Learn How Test Process Automation Accelerates Your Test Workflow, and Yield Network Insights

What would people be surprised to learn about VIAVI?
VIAVI staff are highly entrepreneurial, motivated people with space to experiment and collaborate with customers. We ask “how can customers accelerate their work and reduce the pain they experience on the job”? Testing is not glamorous until you desperately need data to solve a problem! Much like the world needs more health testing and data analysis tools now to make good decisions, our customers need insight into undiscovered network health issues lurking in that segment that just slowed to a crawl or failed. No one wants to fly blind so we help customers gain visibility.

We help through automated test and reporting, enhanced knowledge, and reliable service and support. We seek to understand walking a mile in their shoes to design better problem solving network tools for them.

You can read more about VIAVI Customer and Partner Champions on the “Together with VIAVI” website.

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