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Name: Vicki BarvichVIAVI Staff

Title: Head of VIAVI Global MarketingVIAVI Staff

Location: San Jose, California


What is your current role, and what brought you to work at VIAVI?

I currently lead the Global Marketing team at VIAVI and have been here since summer of 2015. I arrived at the company at a time when it was still called JDSU and they had just preannounced a company split into what ultimately became VIAVI Solutions and Lumentum. What intrigued me about coming to VIAVI was the challenge of participating in a true end-to-end business transformation including:  the rationalization of our product portfolio, refinement of our channel partner strategy, new markets to explore, and of course the thing nearest and dearest to my heart… developing, growing and evolving a truly global integrated marketing team from scratch! Much as our customers talk about greenfield opportunities, this too felt like an opportunity to transform VIAVI into a customer-centric company – a path that I am still on today.

How do you help customers, and what is your proudest moment?

My proudest accomplishment is in transforming the way the VIAVI creates and delivers content to support YOU (our customer) in your buying journey. Think about it, in our personal lives as consumers, as well as in business, most of us tend to do as much as 60% of the research on a product or solution BEFORE we ever talk to a salesperson or go online to place an order. At VIAVI, we strive to deliver engaging content that gets you where you need to go, and at your own pace through the following means:

  1. Find it: Making content easily discoverable through keyword searches, paid advertisement, and social media like LinkedIn, WeChat, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.
  2. Experience it: Giving you a path to get up-close and personal with that content through websites, webinars, digital and in-person events, email, video, and virtual demonstrations.
  3. Talk about it: Providing our sales teams and #amazingpartners with the content and materials they need to have meaningful and use-case based conversations to support your business needs.
  4. Ask for more: And finally, giving you immediate paths to request demos, quotes, or a call with a salesperson – when you are ready.

As I wrote this blog, our planet, businesses and personal lives are all under an incredible amount of pressure because of the global health crisis. VIAVI is humbled to have so many solutions that help our customers with some of their most pressing business challenges right now – scaling bandwidth, assuring network performance, and supporting today’s #RemoteWork and #RemoteLearn realities. In fact, many customers told us that they needed some #RemoteLearn help for themselves too, so we very quickly jumped into action!

On April 7th, we launched the VIAVI Knowledge Hub to help you “Improve yourself and your network.”  In addition to featured content by critical roles and key technologies, we also offer direct paths to extensive VIAVI libraries of webinars, videos and blogs.  And immediate links to request a conversation with an expert, demos or a quote.

It all boils down to this key Marketing team mantra:  Together with VIAVI, you get the right information, at the right time to excel in your job!


What would people be surprised to learn about VIAVI?

I think the really surprising thing is how truly global we are. In fact, the Marketing team alone is incredibly far flung and already operates in a largely #remotework structure – something more commonly seen in much larger companies. Of the 50+ people on my team, the vast majority work from home and in countries and states such as Singapore, Hong Kong, China, England, France, Scotland, Germany, Mexico, California, Arizona, Colorado, Washington, Texas, Minnesota, Indiana, Maryland, North Carolina, and Florida.  Given the global reality of today’s largely #remotework and #remotelearn infrastructure and scaling needs, it certainly is a model that we already use and is therefore very easy to maintain for work continuity!

You can read more about VIAVI Customer and Partner Champions on the “Together with VIAVI” website.

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  1. Great blog Vicki.

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