A flu pandemic swept the world from 1918 to 1920, infecting approximately a quarter of the world’s population and killing over 50 million. One hundred years later, the world is again facing the reality of a viral pandemic. But today we have accumulated a century of health and technological advances that can fortify the fight against this pandemic.

Watch as Sameh Yamany, Chief Technology Officer of VIAVI Solutions, describes how mature mobile network technologies such as location intelligence, machine learning, artificial intelligence and network assurance can be marshaled to defeat pandemics before they even start.


For a deeper dive into this topic, download the VIAVI white paper here.

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Chief Technology Officer, VIAVI Solutions


  1. Dear Sir,
    The pandemic management solution has various key result areas that the usual APP does not facilitate. I hope the solution can be deployed worldwide to counter the rapid pandemic spread.
    I have written few times to the contacts given in the Viavi website seeking more information of the solution as well as how we in Malaysia can benefit from the deployment of your technology; but unfortunately I received no response from your company. I am hoping this time, by writing in this window relating to your video presentation, I will be favored with a reply.
    Allow me to introduce my company Orient Telecoms PLC, a London listed company with focus on broadband connectivity and smart solution deployment. For further details please check our website
    Appreciate very much your early response to my email at : wck@orient-telecoms.com

    Thank you and regards

  2. Great work thank you for sharing such useful information’s. keep it up all the best. I can also refer you to one of the best Telecom and technology solutions services in Hyderabad , Bangalore, Malaysia.

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