Migrating to DOCSIS 3.1 doesn’t have to be complicated. With these five points, you can become an expert in no time!

OFDM building blocks are the key to optimal performance, reliability, and quality of experience for the customer:

• Test the OFDM signal quality, including levels and level variation, MER, and ingress/noise under the carrier.
• Remember that Profile A is the boot profile and the all 3.1 modems must be able to use this profile to utilize the OFDM carrier.
• There are two important communication components: the PLC (PHY link channel), which contains critical signal decoding information, and the NCP (next codeword pointer), which tells the modem which codewords are present and in which profile to find each codeword (codeword error analysis).Blogpost_DOCSIS

The service must be optimized as well:
• Ensure that the service is properly bonding with OFDM carriers to validate that high-tier data traffic is working on the most efficient carriers and is not impacting other customers.
• Test both the DOCSIS layer and Ethernet layer to 1G to distinguish between service problems and equipment problems since DOCSIS 3.1 systems can provide 1G throughput or greater.

Need more information? Visit our DOCSIS 3.1 resource page or get your free DOCSIS 3.1 poster.

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