New Observer Apex offers faster loading speeds, connection dynamics functionality for packet visibility, on-demand application dependency mapping (ADM), improved widget editor for faster insights, VoIP service-level agreement assurance based on threshold monitoring, faster alarms, and more.

On-Demand ADM

On-demand ADM offers fast discovery of application interdependencies, building maps that visualize these complex relationships with simple clarity and can be launched from any widget containing an IP address, IP pair, or client/server IP. The functionality auto-determines worst connections on application and network delay threshold deviations and sorts all connections by status, indicating whether that status is critical, marginal, or acceptable.


With the appropriate SPAN and TAP network feeds, Apex can produce this detailed application dependency map in seconds, potentially eliminating hours of war room time by identifying the application tier and domain on-demand. This functionality helps to enable true organizational collaboration.

Connection Dynamics

Apex provides for total visibility into every network transaction from your browser to anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Begin with a dashboard view, drill down in just a few steps within any Apex widget containing an IP pair or an application and get a simple-to-visualize ladder diagram of every packet and associated key operational metric tied to the conversation including network, client, and server delay along with total application fulfillment time.


Update Observer Apex

Observer Analyzer/GigaStor

Users will also enjoy a redesigned and streamlined Observer Analyzer interface featuring a Windows ribbon bar and a modern application look-and-feel. Eliminate complexity and troubleshoot network issues faster with the latest Observer upgrades.


Update Observer Analyzer/GigaStor

Eliminate complexity and troubleshoot network issues faster with the Observer Platform. Find out how a leading validation authority put the solution to the test in this complimentary report.

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