We have some very important news to share – the announcement of Viavi’s Star Team Award Winners and Top Achievers for Fiscal Year 2016!  The Star Team Award winners were in the top 10% of partners in their region as measured by a combination of FY16 over-quota performance and year-over-year growth from FY15.Without further delay, let us introduce you to our FY2016 Star Team Award winners:

North America

  • Graybar
  • KGP Logistics
  • Norseman Defense Technologies
  • Walker & Associates

Latin America

  • JAS Corporation
  • Nexus S.R.L.
  • Tecnous S.A.


  • AMS Technologies AG
  • Concilium Technologies Ltd.
  • Dekod Telekom d.o.o.
  • GS Systems JSC
  • Ibis Instruments d.o.o.
  • Isatel Electronic AG
  • Itochu France
  • Laser 2000 (UK) Ltd.
  • Nisko Technologies
  • TechnoDis France
  • Tecon S.R.L.
  • Willtron Technologies GmbH

APJ and Greater China

  • Agmatel
  • Beijing Comtest
  • Beijing Sinotest
  • Shanghai An Qi
  • Taiwan Great Engineering Technology
  • Testronix
  • TMG
  • WWG

While we appreciate and are impressed with the outstanding results we see from many of our partners, we are proud to celebrate and recognize the noteworthy efforts of these top partners who truly have earned our prestigious Star Team Award for FY16.

So, what does it mean to be a Star Team Award winner? All Star Team winners will be invited to a special dinner in their home city, hosted by their local Viavi sales team, where they will receive their award and recognition. Winning partners will also receive a special award graphic and pre-approved write-up from Viavi that they can use to highlight the performance of their company in collateral, sales tools, public websites, internal and external communications, or publicity.

Congratulations to all our Star Team winners on your excellent achievement. We look forward to celebrating with you in style – you earned it!

There is another group of partners that we’d like to mention and extend congratulations to – our Top Achievers.  Top Achievers are all partners worldwide that exceeded their FY16 quota (overall bookings target).  These partners will be recognized with a special plaque sent to their company headquarters:

North America

  • Accu-Tech
  • Crystal Clear Technologies
  • Fiber Optic Center, Inc.
  • Fotronic Corporation
  • Power & Telephone Supply Co.
  • Supply Solutions, LLC
  • Technical Communities


  • ACTA Ltd.
  • Adalil
  • ARANEA Group (Vydis A.S.)
  • Broadband Communication Networks Limited
  • Cofitel (C3 Cables)
  • Elsinco Budapest Kft.
  • IT & Telesys
  • Laser 2000 France
  • Laser 2000 GmbH
  • Lunasat
  • Netwerk Onderzoek (NOD)
  • SiGaTec

APJ and Greater China

  • ArkOne
  • PSI
  • Rick Lee
  • Uniadex
  • Beijing Luy Technologies
  • Twoway Communications Inc.

We will be announcing the Pinnacle Award winner, our top partner for FY16, (hint: it will be a company from the list of Star Team winners) in about one month, so stay tuned!

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