With VoLTE being offered in over 34 countries today, it is one of the hottest topics in the communication services industry right now. Given the investment required to introduce VoLTE, it is essential that the service be a success, both in terms of superior customer experience and network cost savings. In order to ensure the commercial success of VoLTE, operators must look beyond LTE and the actual VoLTE calls. Why? – because upon introduction, LTE/VoLTE support will not be widespread, creating a need for “fallback” handovers to legacy 2G and 3G networks for some voice call completion that will use procedures such as Circuit Switch Fall Back (CSFB) and Enhanced Single Resource Voice Call Continuity (eSRVCC).

Successful implementation of any VoLTE service must include analysis and optimization of these handover procedures, such as:

  • Are these handovers being successfully implemented and allowing (revenue-generating) calls to be established and completed?
  • Is the call set-up time in CSFB handovers extensive, or is there call dead-times during eSRVCC handovers (causing subscriber dissatisfaction)?
  • Are devices returning to LTE operation in an effective way after the handed-over VoLTE call is complete (ensuring optimum data service experience thereafter)?
  • Are there particular locations or subscriber devices where the volume of handovers is unacceptably high (and preventing network cost savings)?

Handover analysis and optimization is a critical need in VoLTE service implementation. Effective VoLTE assurance tools must analyze not only the VoLTE calls themselves, but also these critical interactions with the legacy 2G and 3G networks. Only by considering both these aspects will VoLTE services deliver commercial success.

Watch this video to learn about the Viavi VoLTE assurance portfolio – an assurance portfolio that addresses both the LTE and legacy network aspects of VoLTE service implementation – an assurance portfolio that will make sure your VoLTE service is a success!

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