The volume of security attacks and vulnerabilities plaguing networks only continue to grow. Organizations are rapidly continuing to add even more security layers and resources only to recognize that attacks are continuing to occur at a tremendous rate. Why? Cybercriminals and hacktivists continue to become even more organized and sophisticated, shifting their tactics to evade security defenses.

Without a proactive and intelligence-driven strategy to cyber warfare, vast sums of money and resources are being wasted in the attempt to protect networks, data, and information. Cybercrimes continue to fuel a commercial cybersecurity arms race all in the movement to mitigate risks. There is certainly no lack of new security solutions and commercial tactics feeding off the fear of organizations and governments being the next victim. We continue to read about new security solutions released all the way to sponsored industry reports and to deliver a sense of safe investment, which is making the battle on cyber warfare even more difficult to navigate.

The Art of (Cyber) War

First we need to acknowledge that the battlefield continues to change and cyber warfare requires uniquely skilled trained professionals that understand security from product development to network operations. These trained cyber warriors possess the qualities that allow them to operate using both a defensive and offensive mindset; they understand how to evaluate technology, tools, and resources to develop resilient and secure networks.

Now just like classical maneuvers of warfare, cybersecurity warriors need to plan and execute on their own strategy. Establishing a strong network defensive position is critical, but is only part of the overall security strategy. In warfare, the defensive can become passive and result in ultimate defeat. When it comes to cyber warfare, it only takes a single strike to claim victory for the attacker. Do you know your security gaps?

“If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”
– Sun Tzu

Go Attack Yourself

A critical tactic of a network security strategy is to understand your security posture by uncovering vulnerabilities and weaknesses in products and applications before and after they are deployed. With it becoming easier for cybercriminals to find critical flaws in infrastructures, it is crucial that you don’t bet your product or network security on marketing material and sponsored reports. A proven strategy to pre-empt costly security mistakes and incidents is the ability to attack first by testing network devices and systems with the latest threats.

Application and Security testing with new found threats and vulnerabilities is critical to deliver a well-rounded cybersecurity defense and offense. However, security testing with threat intelligence is only effective if you are using relevant and actionable threats in a frequent manner to strengthen your security posture.

It is common to see security testing as a check box in product development and device selection. It must be part of the overall strategy to continuously assess your security posture by attacking your defenses. Leveraging the latest threat intelligence is your best advantage over loss of critical data and trust. Threat intelligence provides real-world, relevant threats and malicious attacks.

It’s War. Choose Your Allies

VIAVI is one of the oldest and most respected when it comes to security and defense, with an unbroken pedigree reaching back to the 1930s. VIAVI protects lives and livelihoods with its differentiated technology and know-how across commercial, defense, and security markets, from deep space to the depths of the ocean to mission critical networks. When it comes to cybersecurity, VIAVI is a globally trusted partner.

VIAVI’ TeraVM Cybersecurity is built on years of experience protecting networks from the world’s most advanced cyber threats. It provides the latest and most relevant threat intelligence, allowing users to shift to proactive security counter measures. TeraVM Cybersecurity is the extensive and immediately operational cybersecurity weapon. It enables security teams to test, validate, and counter threats effectively and efficiently. Staying ahead of attacks is easy with TeraVM’s Cybersecurity database of threat updates.

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