Every day, professionals across a range of industries rely on radio communications using Land Mobile Radio (LMR) technologies, including Project 25 (P25) radio systems. Whether a routine communication or a mission-critical emergency call, each transmission requires reliable and resilient technology. Radio test solutions play a critical role in ensuring that reliability and performance.

Today, VIAVI is announcing expanded functionality for two of its radio test offerings — the 3920B Radio Test Platform and 8800SX Digital Radio Test Set — with the release of automated test and alignment (Auto-Test) software applications to support Kenwood Viking 5000 and 6000 Series radios. The new Auto-Test and Alignment Application supports the Kenwood Viking VM5730, VM5830, VM5930, VP5230, VP5330, VP5430, VP6330, and VP6430 on both radio test sets.

Auto-Test applications provide fully automated test and alignment of mobile and portable radios without the need for user interaction. The test sets ensure the test and alignment routines are performed to manufacturer-recommended specifications and industry standards, delivering consistent and repeatable results, proper interoperability, and optimal radio and network performance.

Our market-leading 3920B and 8800SX offer the largest selection of OEM-approved Auto-Test capabilities in the market. We are continually adding Auto-Test applications to our radio test sets based on customer needs, and we are excited to announce support of the Kenwood Viking Series radios.

VIAVI offers industry-leading radio test set solutions based on decades of experience in test equipment for verification and maintenance of commercial and military communications systems. Want to learn more? Visit: https://www.viavisolutions.com/en-us/product-category/test-measurement/radio-test/land-mobile-radio-test 

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