Day in, day out. You make a difference—connecting families, accelerating commerce, dispatching help—you diligently maintain and improve the networks and services that improve lives.

Do you remember how you got here? The journey? All the hard work?

We do…  (sneak peek, if you can’t wait to the end of this post).

Scrappy Underdog

Think back, back to the earliest days of your professional life. You were eager to finish your university or vocational degree and to get out in the “real” world. You worked hard—to not just get a job, but to get THAT job!

You took steps to learn as much as possible, you volunteered for new assignments, you delivered value… and, you accrued some prized validation and encouragement along the way. You likely received some incredibly powerful mentorship, perhaps a few challenging lessons in situational ethics, as well as formed an opinion of what makes a truly impactful leader.

In Command

Fast forward, to today. You are now clearly rocking your position assisting in the successful running of the network at your company! You are packed with confidence and have a real swagger in performing your role. Yet, there’s a rub. Why is it so many vendors and companies talk at you, or worse around you, with complex and condescending word salads? “We deliver X, we drive Y, only we can…. blah, blah, blah.”

Enough! You’re probably sick of hearing about the glories of their offerings, from them! You’re ready for vendors and suppliers to start listening to you. To hear your fears about the industry or the longevity of your role. Ready for them to listen to your concerns about how you want to drive business value and you want relevant use cases that work best in your industry. You’re the customer—this should be about your company’s needs, values, and business objectives.

And Yet, We Can All Use Some Help

I’m betting you’ve already noticed; I haven’t even said our company name yet—that is because we believe that YOU are the hero of this story—your story. From IT strategists and security experts, network planners, field and service technicians, operations engineers, designers and process engineers — each of you is in command.

You don’t fear the network, you push it boldly forward. Optimizing it. Evolving it. Always pushing to enhance growth, deliver new services, and remain a step ahead. You’ve got a lot to deliver in your role, and you bring it every day.

In our eyes, you are the whole package—you’ve got your role locked down! There you are. Poised in front of the mirror; your body flexed into your best, bold Superman stance; cape wafting in the air; your eyes ready to shoot laser beams. Though you aren’t yet able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, you probably could with a little help from a friend. Every superhero could use a good ally.

End Game

And this is where we come in. At VIAVI—that’s right VIAVI (formerly JDSU, Aeroflex, Acterna, Network Instruments, 3Z Telecom… yep, we’ve grown and evolved a bit over the years)—we would like to help you accelerate your success with advanced, intuitive instruments, systems, and technologies. Our contribution may be just one small part of your overall network; however, we can give you the right tools you need to gain command over your network’s complexity and harness the full potential of it to transform your business.

VIAVI is here to help with our new, free, easy-to-use interactive solutions tool. You don’t even have to tell us your name, though you might want to when you see the breadth of solutions we offer for every role, in every business, everywhere you are in the world. The VIAVI Command Tool was built on customer listening—who you are, what you need to do, and what you need from a trusted partner.

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s a simple, powerful tool from VIAVI. Made to take you where all networking superheroes want to go—to a place where you “Command the network.”

To learn more, visit our Command the network. page.


Vicki Barvich is the global head of marketing for VIAVI Solutions and is based in sunny San Jose, California, the heart of Silicon Valley.




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