Service providers need to build out high quality PON/GPON access networks quickly to offer Gigabit FTTH and Gfast broadband service. Many failures occur at service turn up caused by improper fiber handling and test during construction and provisioning. The result is delayed revenue, decreased profitability, and frustrated customers. Accelerate workflow using remote, centralized OTDR test throughout the PON network lifecycle.

How does a remote Optical Network Management System work?

  1. A high resolution OTDR with a switch remotely tests multiple lines in minutes between the OLT and ONT while recording pass/fail results
  2. The OTDR trace locates problems with coordinates and the technician makes repairs while already in the field to avoid a repeat dispatch
  3. The final passing results for each line are maintained as a “birth certificate” baseline trace that is used to detect future problems

Benefits of remote Optical Network Management such as the VIAVI ONMSi include:

  • Consistent procedures and reporting for all contract and internal work force accelerate work
  • Rapid identification of fiber cabling care and handling to correct fiber plant and procedures
    *Are cables dressed correctly? Are there bends, crushing, etc.? Signal loss due to dirty or damaged fibers ends?
  • Cable layout mapping documents the as-built network with a baseline OTDR trace that allows degradation or intrusion to be located immediately
  • Technical skills/training required are reduced using pre-defined test procedures, including pass/fail criteria and set-up parameters
  • Centralized monitoring/testing of the PON network minimizes service outages and intrusion (one fiber fault can affect many customers)

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