The evolution to virtualization and cloud, network automation, massive traffic growth, IoT, increasing service velocity and revenue growth…together with the advent of 5G.  These are just some of the challenges mobile service providers face today. Consumers are demanding that mobile services are always on, always available, and everything is connected. In response, operators are deploying ultra-dense, massively scalable, virtualized, and automated networks that can deliver dynamic, low latency, and high bandwidth services – today and in the future.

The world of mobile has never been so exciting or so complex.

Powered by the NITRO Platform, NITRO Mobile is the next phase in the NITRO family. Together with domain-specific unified workflows, NITRO Mobile delivers automated geolocated, app-aware, end-to-end insight to solve some of the most critical issues in the wireless industry today. NITRO Mobile uniquely connects virtual and physical instruments with software-based assurance and optimization probes, agents, and applications, sharing end-to-end intelligence throughout the lifecycle.

Take the example of trying to isolate and solve an issue with an specific IoT service – a mobile service provider is experiencing a signaling storm causing device and battery degradation on one specific service. This issue could be due to the device itself, the RAN, the backhaul, or the core. It could be a geographic issue specific to a location or it could be an element problem. A mobile service provider must be able to determine, isolate, and fix the problem within an OpEx envelope. The ideal solution provides an integrated unified workflow which quickly determines the devices affected, where they are, what the RAN service is delivering, is the x-haul and backhaul functioning correctly, is the core signaling affected, and finally the user plane E2E operation. The root cause can then be quickly determined: if it is indeed a network or device issue and immediate resolution can be actuated. By minimizing significant amounts of manual intervention and providing context-driven workflows, key revenue generating services can be assured and managed while minimizing OpEx and time to resolution.

By increasing the automation of context-driven workflows per service, NITRO Mobile helps operators manage mobile networks with less manual intervention. Through feeding real-time data from instruments and software virtual agents across RF, RAN, xHAUL and Core into a single presentation layer, NITRO Mobile, together with the scalability of the virtualized platform, helps reduce complexity and increase the automation necessary to confidently manage the evolution to 5G.

So, in short, NITRO Mobile helps mobile service providers:

  • Create new incremental revenue streams through analytics and network monetization delivered by automated, correlated and real-time app-aware intelligent data feeds
  • Manage OpEx  and complexity with integrated and automated domain specific workflows through the lifecycle, addressing the challenges of assuring and optimizing the evolving virtualized network
  • Increase service velocity while decreasing TCO with unprecedented scale through an integrated platform delivered solution by solution

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