As a leader in fiber testing and certification, VIAVI is paving the way along with our partner, MicroCare, by sharing best practices and insights that help technicians and network owners maintain flawless networks. We’re introducing a new video series to offer tips, tricks, and methods to incorporate into your inspection repertoire.

In this video series, Tyler Vander Ploeg (VIAVI Solutions) and Brian Teague (MicroCare) take a closer look at the #1 reason for Fiber Network Failures…contaminated fiber connectors. Each episode addresses a key aspect of this process to ensure that technicians working with fiber connectors are best equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to ensure their fiber connections are free of defects and operating as they should.

Check out the series:

In our first three episodes we introduce the Inspect Before You Connect (IBYC) process which is essential for anyone handling fiber connectors. We also demonstrate why it should be followed Proactively (before making a connection) as opposed to Reactively (after a problem is discovered), and why it is essential to test BOTH sides of a fiber connection.


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