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Monitoring Cisco ACI

There’s no doubt Cisco ACI can help get a network up and running fast. Forget manually establishing Access Control Lists (ACLs). That’s automatically handled by ACI behind the scenes now. But at the end of the day, does troubleshooting and finding the cause of network issues become more complex? And how can we make it better?

The Observer Platform from Viavi Solutions now automatically discovers the elements in your Cisco ACI system including:

  • Spines
  • Leafs
  • APICs
  • Tenants
  • Applications
  • EPGs
  • Bridge domains
  • Contracts

It maps your ACI components onto visual topology views, applies best practice monitoring templates, and populates a number of out-of-the-box dashboards.

Detect Bottlenecks Before Your Users Do

By monitoring and providing alerts and specific views into things like interface traffic and packet loss, Observer ensures network performance issues are old news. Powerful, customized dashboards delivered to both operations and business users ensure IT always knows the state of the ACI system while business users understand the value that IT (your team) is providing.

A Single Vision

Networks don’t operate in a vacuum and IT departments can’t monitor and manage infrastructure on a piecemeal basis. Jumping between different management platforms just to keep an IT infrastructure up and running creates an inefficient IT workforce.

By monitoring all of your IT infrastructure including power, network, servers, storage, applications, and public cloud services along with your ACI system, Observer gives organizations the ability to ensure service performance and fix IT infrastructure issues — before users are impacted.

Automatic Dependency Mapping

Observer automatically detects and dynamically maps which virtual machines are currently used for which applications in your ACI system. This allows organizations to focus first on the applications and their performance.

If an application is performing poorly or has spotty availability, IT personnel can quickly diagnose whether the issue is with the application, virtual machine, hypervisor, or ACI network element — using intuitive, graphical maps. IT can now confidently ensure applications are always operating at peak performance with continuous availability.

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