Recently, a tier 1 service operator in Brazil was faced with the challenge of assuring that the customer experience for all mobile 2G, 3G, and LTE traffic was top quality during the rapidly approaching Rio Olympics. Prior to the games, they had seen network-wide latency issues which were causing problems with their customers’ call quality, such as slow response times and reduced overall experience.
With their current monitoring system in place, the service provider could identify regions with issues but could not gain visibility down to the appropriate cell site level in those regions in order to properly troubleshoot possible issues. The service provider asked Viavi to help them implement an Ethernet backhaul performance management solution to identify and manage these issues both prior to, during, and after the Rio Olympics.
ESAcaseStudy2Do you need help managing your Ethernet backhaul performance?
Read our new case study about how this service operator was able to root-out and repair region-wide network latency issues which were causing problems with dropped calls and poor user experience.
And be sure to visit our Ethernet Assurance page to see how Viavi’s EtherASSURE and PacketPortal solutions can help your customer!

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