Today’s dynamic lifestyle-connected customer uses a myriad of services and applications and therefore demands a high level of Quality of Service/Quality of Experience (QOS/QOE) delivered to their mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other network end points. With Ethernet being a primary transport and congregation point for all this data, it is imperative to assure the backhaul of Ethernet in order to maintain customer satisfaction and QoE.

Traditional layer 2/3 monitoring methods are not enough. In order to support their customers’ demands and to best manage customer experience, service operators worldwide need to have segmented and detailed hop-by-hop visibility into the performance of their backhaul network using live customer traffic. Without this visibility service operators are blind to what is actually happening in the network, especially for LTE networks – and using traditional methods to monitor and assure quality is not enough!

A great example is a tier 1 global service provider who recently experienced problems when 4G data was introduced into their wireless network. This led to an increase of more than 3% failure rates for 2G calls, resulting in serious customer experience issues.  According to the monitoring solutions that were in place, the network was showing indications of a problem with a 2G portion of the network, however, 4G was showing as normal. They turned to Viavi for help with identifying where the problem might be.


Interested in findingESAcaseStudy1 out what Viavi recommended?

Read our new case study about how this global service operator was able to segment and isolate problem causing micro-bursts to resolve a HUGE problem with 4G network traffic.

And be sure to visit our Ethernet Assurance page to see how Viavi’s solutions can help your customer!

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