Viavi Solutions highly values contributing to industry standards and has been a long-time member and contributor to TM Forum publications and its Catalyst projects. The recent TM Forum InFocus event in Dallas was an opportunity to present recent progress in these projects. Catalyst projects combine service providers and suppliers to create solutions for operating large-scale networks efficiently. Viavi is currently engaged in two Catalyst projects under the virtualized networks topic:

  • Maximizing Profitability using NFV Orchestration
  • Customer Premises Equipment Virtualization

Let’s explore these projects in more detail.

Maximizing Profitability using NFV Orchestration  is championed by NTT and Tata Communications and addresses leveraging virtualized networks to deliver improved business results. Together with Aria Networks, Viavi demonstrated a closed-loop optimization model that considers financial factors in addition to technical resource/service quality factors for optimizing the network in real time. In this phase of the project, the team provided significant contributions on business and operational metrics, policy management, and network automation with configuration risk assessment. This project leverages the xSIGHT real-time assurance solution to dynamically collect key metrics that would be used in the closed loop optimization process. The team was delighted to be recognized at the InFocus event with an award for the best contribution to TM Forum’s Frameworx program. Further details on the automated network configuration risk assessment can be found in a recent TM Forum post here.

The below figure shows the feedback control loop using real-time monitoring metrics on VNF and service quality and the roles of the team member companies in the project.


The second project also uses virtualization, but focuses on the delivery of services to the home over physical and virtual infrastructure with a view to improving service quality using embedded analytics and proactive/automated operations. The Customer Premises Equipment Virtualization project is championed by AT&T, Orange, and Telecom Italia. Working with Alcatel-Lucent (ALU), and InfoSys, Viavi demonstrated embedded video monitoring for streaming IP video services. This project addressed several use cases identifying in-home network issues affecting video streaming quality and virtualized content delivery network overload issues. The project tackles the challenges for service providers delivering real-time services at high quality over mixed virtual/physical infrastructure and utilizing embedded analytics to rapidly identify single-subscriber issues or wider, network/service platform issues that are affecting multiple subscribers.


These projects both align well with Viavi’s support of virtualized networks. Viavi’s expertise in service test and monitoring, together with the flexibility provided through virtualized platforms, enable embedded monitoring and test agents, where physical probes would not have been viable—perhaps due to cost or physical space. Virtual test and monitoring enables greater visibility of the end-to-end service chain, providing critical performance data to segment problems along the service path and to enable dynamic control of networks to enhance service quality proactively.

The next phase of these Catalyst projects will begin in the next few months leading up to the TMF Live 2016 event to be held in Nice, France, in early May 2016. Stay tuned!

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