It’s an exciting time to be a member of the Viavi team, and a great time to be a part of a company helping to revolutionize how to enable quality and maximize investments in the fast paced mobile industry.  In that spirit, as Viavi solutions, this week we’re exhibiting at a major mobile industry event in North America, CTIA Super Mobility, in Las Vegas, September 9-11, booth #4855.

In prior years we have showcased our latest in network and service enablement, but this year feels different, invigorating. The innovative spirit and philosophy behind the solutions we are offering (and plan to offer) to global mobile service providers is only part of the story – mainly, the reward comes from actually being a part of the dialogue, taking on the impactful trends so deeply rooted in the business success of our customers.

In my three years with this company, I have seen a marked evolution from our role of “vendor’ to “partner”, and am proud to see how our collaborative approach to strategic planning and solution development is empowering our customers to realize their vision and truly transform the way they do business. With the backdrop of the exploding volume of connected devices and applications, network virtualization, big data, and more, there’s both significant challenges and opportunity ahead.  The new Viavi is all about improving our customer’s visibility into their networks, ecosystem, services and customers so they can proactively adapt and thrive in an era of unprecedented change.


Tara Van Unen: “The new Viavi is all about improving our customer’s visibility into their networks, ecosystem, services and customers so they can proactively adapt and thrive in an era of unprecedented change.” Viavi is exhibiting at CTIA Super Mobility, in Las Vegas, September 9-11, booth #4855.

One core focus for the mobile side of Viavi will be Heterogeneous Networks, or HetNets.  HetNets deployments include a grab bag of critical mobile technologies such as small cells, DAS, femto, WiFi and more. In short, Viavi is dedicated to delivering a highly differentiated and impactful means to maximize the return on investment (ROI) of HetNets. Only Viavi has the solutions to deliver multi-technology visibility and test coverage through the end-to-end life cycle. From geolocating precisely the top consumers  and top areas for small cell placement, to integrated solutions for Backhaul, Coax and RF deployment, through to unified customer experience assurance …Viavi empowers mobile operators and ecosystem partners to reduce costs, improve quality, and accelerate time to revenue.

We are committed to delivering significant workforce automation and empowerment to simplify and speed complex cell site deployments with smarter instruments, real-time cloud-based data and streamlined workflows. Recent acquisitions coupled with organic product development and decades of data collection experience have culminated in our groundbreaking end-to-end intelligence platform, which delivers unique visibility from handset to core and physical layer to application layer, and actionable insight for real-time data analytics and monetization. To learn more about solution innovation across the HetNets life cycle, please visit …and expect to see more momentum behind this in the months to come!

At CTIA in particular, we are demonstrating how we help our customers work faster, simpler and smarter with one of the fastest-growing HetNets deployments – DAS, or distributed antenna systems. DAS is becoming increasingly popular for delivering capacity and enhanced coverage to meet the staggering increase in bandwidth-hungry mobile apps, particularly within public venues and commercial buildings such as stadiums, shopping malls, airports, and enterprises. As you’ll see below, DAS is central to our upgrades and developments – hitting a positive nerve with a big customer pain point.

A quick preview of the dynamic solutions we’re bringing on the road before the CTIA 35,000 mobile industry leaders includes:

  • DAS support that has just been added to the cloud-based StrataSync It combines Viavi’s fiber, backhaul, coax and RF test equipment, using a cloud-based real-time management and monitoring system that simplifies complex DAS deployments. We’ve improved automation and deployment costs significantly by eliminating manual steps to run fiber and coax line testing. The solution provides a much-needed conduit between contractors and carriers through a common real-time view of the data. Carriers now have visibility into every step of the deployment process and can immediately identify what work is completed, identify failure rates, etc. This drives greater communication and accountability across teams.
  • We recently introduced the newest member of our end-to-end portfolio of solutions, Rubix™. The solution combines a cloud-based real-time data post-processing solution that helps network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), contractors and service providers to control costs by eliminating unnecessary repeat site visits, and expediting processes and payments.
  • The significance of fiber technology cannot be overstated to the speed and reliability of mobile networks and services. A number of or fiber test solutions are “smarter” with built-in intelligence and intuitive graphic user interfaces (GUIs), reducing required field technician skillset.
    • SmartOTDR™, OTDR test solution for installing and troubleshooting fiber to the attenna (FTTA) networks.
    • CWDM OTDR module for T-BERD® Platform, for troubleshooting in-service networks.
    • PowerChek™, advanced optical power meter.

Also, our very own Sameh Yamany will be presenting alongside experts from Amdocs, T-Mobile, Orange Silicon Valley and 451 Research/Yankee Group, on Wednesday, September 9, in the panel discussion, “Big Data to Small Data and Analytics,” at the co-located Telco Big Data Summit. That’s one I do not plan to miss J

Looking forward to a productive event, and many months of mobile successes for Viavi! .


Tara Van Unen is Director, Wireless Marketing, Viavi Solutions


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