Learn How Viavi and Airtel Used Location Intelligence to Conduct a Smartphone Study Using a Crowd-Sourced Big Data Approach on a Live Network

Smartphone adoption continues at an accelerated pace and the rich, diverse, and open Indian market is no exception. The massive range of bring your own device (BYOD) handsets connected to the networks generates potential variations in user experience. Together, Bharti Airtel and Viavi Solutions conducted a study based on measurement and analysis of 8,000 distinctive stock keeping units (SKUs) of 3G and 4G Smartphone performance in Delhi City, India, using big data sourced from the live Airtel network.

The analysis evaluates variation in key performance indicators (KPIs) impacting user experience for various Smartphone models. It is an initiative to develop a process for qualification of open market Smartphones using real-world quality of experience (QoE) samples, and thereby providing a mechanism for operators to engage with Smartphone manufacturers to improve Smartphones that fall short of meeting defined benchmarks.

Check out this short video of key takeaways from the analysis:


Or if you are ready to dive right in – download the complimentary white paper to see how location intelligence can be used to confirm that user experience varies from device to device under the same network conditions.



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