The citizen band (CB) radio was invented in 1945, but really gained popularity in the 1970s. CB radios were mainly used by emergency personnel until the oil crisis of 1973. This crisis helped push CB radios into the hands of everyday citizens to notify drivers which gas stations had fuel.

President Jimmy Carter declared October 4 as National 10-4 Day in 1978. President Carter acknowledged the use of CB radios for emergency communications both on and off the road and noted that the use of radios allowed citizens to actively participate in the enhancement of public safety.

As two-way radios increased in use, 10-4 evolved into a day that recognized CB and two-way hand-held radios. VIAVI Solutions is proud to be the leader in two-way radio test. Click here to learn more about our history of two-way radio testing and current solutions we offer.

10-4 Good Buddy!

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