This morning, VIAVI introduced two new assurance solutions – including a patented 3D geolocation feature – that give operators a view of 5G coverage and subscriber experience, allowing them to transform 5G planning and performance engineering. Combined, they deliver comprehensive visibility that allows them to attract new vertical markets and drive new revenue streams.

This release follows two previous ones in recent weeks, all under the banner “Command The 5G Network.” Each one is targeted to a unique audience in the 5G value chain, and therefore appears on its own in different media and communication channels. But do they add up to anything greater?

As VIAVI shared earlier this year, 5G network deployment continues around the globe, with commercial availability in 378 cities as of January 2020. While these networks represent the leading edge of operators’ ongoing rollouts, the technology is still undergoing extensive validation in the lab, especially as 5G standalone NR, open RAN and 5G core come online. Simultaneously, operators and their contractors are building out and densifying networks in the field, requiring increasingly intuitive and converged equipment that can address RF, fiber and antenna verification. And as they begin to load up with subscribers and IoT devices, operators require sophisticated analytics, assurance and automation to optimize live networks.

At VIAVI, we think of these as distinct phases, which we call Validation (lab), Verification (field) and Visibility (assurance). We have experts in each of these domains who have worked with the major industry bodies, network equipment manufacturers and service providers to evolve from 2G to 3G, 4G and now 5G. Through this lens, our recent announcements demonstrate our continual, customer-centric innovation across every phase:

Of course we’re not stopping there. Keep an eye on us for 5G updates by bookmarking this page or setting your communication preferences on our Subscription Center.

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Amit Malhotra is Global Lead, Communications at VIAVI Solutions. He has spent 23 years (and counting) focused on communications networks, at major network operators, network equipment manufacturers, and test, measurement and assurance providers.

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