VIAVI webinar series helps unleash network troubleshooting superpowers with top strategies.

Unleash your inner superpowers with time-saving troubleshooting and network monitoring strategies every other month with the new IT Alter Ego Webinar Series. The IT Alter Ego Webinar Series will include topics like VoIP, network troubleshooting, remote users, and more to help you tap into your own IT alter ego.

See the schedule of webinars below.

JULY – 3 Essential Pieces of Network Troubleshooting Evidence

Recording Now Available on Demand

  • Architect performance visibility for capturing intermittent issues
  • Get essential evidence for diagnosing hard to isolate issues in the packets
  • Troubleshoot network issues in virtual and cloud networks
  • Analyze applications using real-world transactions and traffic

Speakers: Chris Greer and Ward Cobleigh

MAY – Assuring Performance for Remote Users

Recording Now Available on Demand

  • Assess user experience on remote and external networks
  • Effectively capture packets and key metrics at the edge and infer user experience
  • Evaluate end-to-end performance from the core network to remote users
  • Implement visibility and root-cause analysis strategies for branch offices

Speakers: Chris Greer and Ward Cobleigh


MARCH – Improve VoIP User Experience

Recording Now Available on Demand

  • Confirm issue and domain isolation
  • Assess remote user experience
  • Manage and validate Quality of Service (QoS)

Speakers: Bill Naylor and Ward Cobleigh


Check back for more IT Alter Ego Webinars as new titles are announced. Tap into your own alter ego with tips and tricks designed to ensure optimal network performance and end-user experience.

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