The American football championship is one of the largest sporting events in the U.S. with more than 100,000 attendees. Most fans have mobile devices, and the bandwidth demand for uploading and downloading multimedia poses a huge challenge for network service providers. In a sign of just how much investment it requires to be ready for the big game, carriers provided thorough descriptions of their preparations this year, including here and here. Simply put, the nation’s mobile service providers worked tirelessly to ensure their subscribers enjoy the quality of experience they expect from their networks, even when those expectations are super-sized.

One carrier equipped its testers with Viavi’s TrueSite™ Matrix and Rubix™ solutions, allowing them to optimize network performance in real time.

Viavi Blog Post - Helping Carriers Get Ready for the Big Game - 2.10.2016

Viavi’s ultra-portable, cloud-enabled TrueSite Matrix solution makes it easy to test in any indoor environment—including airports, stadiums, malls, and offices. Using an Android-based app, a single technician can discreetly gather data from up to six smartphones and a single receiver. Combining TrueSite with the cloud-based Rubix RF post-processing solution, operators can monitor real-time network performance and perform benchmark testing, allowing them to quickly resolve performance issues, minimize user churn, and monetize their investments.

The confetti is still on the ground, and those who were lucky enough to attend will have memories that they’ll pass on for generations. Memories that were captured and shared thanks to the state-of-the-art mobile connectivity available at and around the stadium. Viavi is proud to have done its part in making that happen.

You can also read a specific use case about Viavi’s solutions for assuring network performance at the big game here.

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