As the upcoming separation of JDSU into two new companies draws closer, I met with CEO Tom Waechter to get an update on major accomplishments that have happened since our last video update in December.

Since that time, the future companies have been named Viavi and Lumentum, new logos have been revealed, and the respective leadership teams and staff members for each organization have been identified. Employees across JDSU have also been working diligently to separate out processes and systems while continuing to focus on their day-to-day responsibilities. It’s an admirable amount of work and I can tell you that everyone is eager to hit the ground running once the two new companies are launched.

Since Tom will continue on as CEO of Viavi, I asked him to provide an overview of what the standalone business will look like:

-Viavi will be a combination of the current NSE and OSP business units at JDSU.

-The company will represent almost $1B in annual revenue.

-It will be headquartered in Milpitas, CA.

-Viavi will have 3,000+ employees and more than 40 offices globally.

In our interview, Tom talks about the big trends that Viavi will support, including helping network customers navigate the high degree of complexity that big data is causing so that they are armed with clear and actionable insight to help their customers create new services and optimize their networks. Viavi will also continue to provide technology from its OSP group to help fight the battle against counterfeiting.

Tom also highlights some recent wins for the business, including NSE deals with British Telecom and Softbank and the use of OSP pigments by Lincoln on a new edition of their luxury vehicles.

In closing, Tom expresses sincere appreciation to employees for all of their efforts to facilitate the separation while keeping a focus on our customers.​

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Bernie Tylor

As a communications professional immersed in an exciting time in the tech industry, Bernie is passionate about being an energetic “messenger” to help convey the tremendous aspects about Viavi Solutions in impactful ways, including through social media. Among the big motivators for storytelling is imparting how the company helps to support the exciting wave of technologies that consumers and businesses use to transform how they communicate, entertain and improve their day-to-day lifestyles or increase work production. Bernie has been with the company for more than 10-years, and has proudly served in communications and public relations roles at innovative US-based global companies during his career.

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