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Reducing Truck Rolls Together - Earth Day 2022

Cable operators are taking many steps to become better stewards of our planet, from distributed access architectures that reduce power/cooling burden in headends to specification and choice of more energy-efficient modems and set-top boxes. VIAVI is helping further their efforts by minimizing the environmental impact that their field workforce creates.   How? One example is by […]

Less Carbon in the Cloud - Earth Day 2022

When it comes to impact on the environment, does it matter where our software applications are run? Does all computing processing have an equal impact on the environment?   These are interesting and important questions when it comes to software architecture. What is the impact of designing an application to be run by our customers on […]

Repackaging for the Planet - Earth Day 2022

As a responsible supplier, it is paramount that VIAVI continues to scrutinize everything we do and identify areas to make sustainability improvements. It is incumbent on businesses and individuals alike to ensure we mitigate our impact on our planet.  VIAVI is acting every day to try and ensure we are doing right by the Earth. […]

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